WHY Do I Need an Internship?

Most employers like us would prefer to hire someone with previous experience to get the job done because they usually already have a set of both technical and soft skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork skill, and they do familiar with work setting environment. Good grade from school is definitely needed but it is not guarantee that it is sufficient for you to get hired as the job market is getting competitive and you need to STAND OUT from the crowd!

The problem now is not only how to get a job if you have no experience, but also how to get an experience without a job.
In this case, INTERNSHIP is one of the ways to solve the problem. From joining an internship, you will gain several benefits:

  1. Learning valuable skills and hands-on experience – The more time you can spend to gain your skills, the more you can showcase and contribute to the employers.
  2. Testing your industries – Ask yourself if you really have passion in certain industry and to test it you would need an actual working experience. Some of our clients do an internship for career change or they just simply would like to test if they really fit in their chosen industry.
  3. Gaining academic credit – Some universities do have compulsory internships before you graduate. Please consult with your Academic Supervisor at your own education institution.
  4. Practice what you learn in school – You can only fully understand the theories you learnt in school when you actually practice and implement it. Well, practice makes perfect.

WHY Internship Abroad?

A quick way to boost your resume.

Being part of the international work team.

Building network with fellow professionals.

Being competitive in international job market.

Getting prepared to be hired for full time position in the company you prefer.

Learn new language and immerse with local culture.

Travel the world.

Grow and get to know more about yourself.

Challenge yourself to live out of your comfort zone.

With doing an internship overseas, you will be equipped with everything – the confidence, the knowledge, and the experience, to showcase to your prospective employers on your resume and during the interview and be stand out from your peers. Be ready to be hired!