Who has never heard of Bali, the little paradise in Indonesia! Everyone gets so excited when hearing the word “Bali” and directly imagine an island with beautiful white sand private beaches, coconut tree and blue sky. This Island of the Gods is indeed famous with its tourism, arts such as traditional dance, sculpture, painting, music, leather, and service industry. While being spoiled by the wonderful nature, friendly people, and delicious local food, with the rapid shift and remote working and entrepreneurial hubs popping all over, Bali has become an attractive place for businesses to come.

When doing internships in Bali, interns may wish to assist on entrepreneurial projects with savvy entrepreneurs in start up or working at well established corporate. Bali welcomes talents from all around the world from various background, for example: marketing, architecture, information technology, hospitality, environment, sport and many more! Interning while holiday-ing in Bali, definitely a well-spent vacation. Come and join our Bali internship program!

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Bali Internship Program Start Dates and Duration

Our Bali Internship Program is available anytime along the year for minimum 8 weeks to maximum 24 weeks. Check our package and pricing!

We would suggest that you to arrive on a Thursday and start the program briefing on Friday. Then you can rest on the weekend and start the internship bright and early on Monday

Suggested Activities to Do While Doing Internship in Bali

  1. Take pictures. Bring your camera and just walk with no destination! There are so many beautiful things in Bali to be captured such as Ubud rice fields and Bali secret beaches; you will not be bored with it. Do not forget to take selfie!
  2. Yoga and meditation. Try yoga and meditation and get your inner peace and happiness.
  3. Explore unusual sites. If you are adventurous enough, you can visit Bali’s unusual sites such as Trunyan Necropolis, Bengkala – village of the deaf, and the Ghost town of Taman Festival Bali.

Eligibility Requirement

•   Indonesian nationalities, all nationalities eligible for a Social Culture Visa (*), foreign talent in Indonesia (with valid visa)
•   Above 18 years old
•   Fluent in English
•   The Program is endorsed by your University/Education Institutions
*Citizens of most countries can enter Indonesia for an internship with a Social Culture Visa.

Application Deadline

3 months prior to intended start date (the latest). More info:

Advice for Someone Considering Doing Internship in Bali

  • Experience Bali as Asia’s leading startup hubs where you will meet inspiring people from all around the world.
  • Do not forget to mingle and get connections in your industry while you are doing your Bali internship.
  • Do explore Balinese culture and customs are a must as there are so many interesting things to be learnt from the unique culture that value the connection between God, human and the surroundings.
  • Enjoy Bali as a combination of a non-city atmosphere with some modern and luxury aspects, definitely be an unforgettable experience.

What's next?

Start your Bali internship journey with a simple application process.

Please contact our Bright Internships team to help you plan your program. Bright Internships will guide you to set up your dream internship, assist in the visa and pre-departure process, and provide local support in Bali.

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