Jakarta, the bustling capital city of Indonesia, is one of world’s greatest megalopolises. Home to over 9 million Indonesians, Jakarta is a melting-pot of culture. People from all around Indonesia, with their own various languages, dialects, foods and customs, flock to Jakarta with the prospect of better life. With our Jakarta Internship Program, you can experience all of Indonesia in Jakarta. 

Jakarta is the center for economic and political activities, where the seat of the ASEAN Secretariat and important financial institutions such as the Bank of Indonesia are located. Jakarta is also the main hub of Indonesia’s national finance and trade, home for numerous corporate headquarters of national multinational corporations.  In Jakarta, you can have an internship in almost any fields - depending on your interest.

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Jakarta Internship Program Start Dates and Duration

Our Jakarta Internship Program is available anytime along the year for minimum 4 weeks to maximum 24 weeks. Check our package and pricing!

We would suggest that you to arrive on a Thursday and start the program briefing on Friday. Then you can rest on the weekend and start the internship bright and early on Monday.

Suggested Activities in Jakarta

1. Take a Selfie at Monas (Monumen Nasional) – This principal landmark is constructed from Italian marble, topped with a sculpted flame, gilded with 50kg of gold leaf.
2. Go on a Shopping Spree – You can haggle at traditional markets, like Mangga Dua or Blok M. Or you can splurge in luxurious department stores, like Grand Indonesia or Pacific Place.
3. Rent a Bicycle at Kota Tua – or go on a walking tour! Kota Tua literally means old town. This is a colonial heritage area that used to be the headquarters of the Dutch East India Company. Go to the central square to sample some local delicacies, from gado-gado to kerak telor

Eligibility Requirement

•   Indonesian nationalities, all nationalities eligible for a Social Culture Visa (*), foreign talent in Indonesia (with valid visa)
•   Above 18 years old
•   Fluent in English
•   The Program is endorsed by your University/Education Institutions

*Citizens of most countries can enter Indonesia for an internship with a Social Culture Visa

Application Deadline

3 months prior to the intended start date (the latest). More info:

Advice for Someone Considering Doing Internship in Jakarta

1. Use the local transportation – Do not be afraid to try the TransJakarta buses. It is a pretty convenient way to go around Jakarta, with a pretty good route and cheap fare (only for IDR 2,000 – 3,500!)
2. Be on time – It is true that most Indonesians are not known for being on time (ever heard of jam karet?). However, most companies in Jakarta have already adapted international working ethos. Being late to anything work related is not something that can be tolerated
3. Try the Betawi Cuisine – You can find food from all around the world in Jakarta, but the authentic Betawi Cuisine is special. One of the iconic dishes is the Kerak Telor – Omelet mixed with sticky rice, grated coconut and other spices

What's next?

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