With a history that can be traced back to the Roman Empire, Spain has always been a prominent country in history. Now, Spain is the 13th largest economy in the world, establishing itself as a major hub of international business in Europe.

It is easy to fall in love with all of the cities in Spain. For you who are unsure where to do your internship in Spain, we would like to offer you three cities which are Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia.

Madrid - the capital and the most populous city of Spain have an extensive variety of history, food, art, and fashion to offer. Madrid is home to over 30% of all companies in sectors such as finance, insurance, telecommunications, software development, the arts and goods transportation, according to the Central Business Register at Spain’s National Statistics Institute.

Barcelona - one of the most attractive cities for start-ups, tourism, sports, and social projects that offer a rich culture and sunny climate all year long! Barcelona will be the perfect place for you who want to enjoy a relaxed lifesyle and a dynamic business environment.

Valencia - As one of the oldest city and top tourism spot in Spain, Valencia might not be as well known as Madrid or Barcelona. But with its strategic location, the port of Valencia is one of the busiest in the region. It is the ideal location for many business headquarters. In Valencia, you will have the chance to intern in various aspects of art, tourism, business, the most popular being marketing including marketing research, social media marketing, and marketing communication.

Another interesting fact about Spanish is their love for sport, especially football. La Liga or The Spanish League is one of the world's best football competitions. Valencia is especially known to be the host to the 2007 & 2010 America's Cup. Not only football, other sports such as basketball and tennis is also very popular. If you are sport fans, you will have plenty of wonderful opportunities to have a sport internship in football clubs (or other sports’ club) or sport consulting firm on our Spain Internship Program.

Spain Internship Program Start Dates and Duration

Our Spain Internship Program is available anytime along the year for minimum 4 weeks to maximum 20 weeks. Check our package and pricing!

We would suggest that you to arrive on a Thursday and start the program briefing on Friday. Then you can rest on the weekend and start the internship bright and early on Monday

Suggested Activities in Spain

Visit the Historical & Architecture Building – Some amazing buildings and places such as Basílica de la Sagrada Familia, Camp Nou, and Valencia Old Town are definitely worth to visit.
Try Paella - The traditional Spanish dish is originated in Valencia. There are all kinds of paella, such as Valencian paella, vegetarian/vegan paella, seafood paella, mixed paella and so many more.
Bike around the city - Enjoy the city’s architecture that is a mix of old and modern. You can see many unique buildings from castles to towers to modern construction and artistic building.

Eligibility Requirement

• Spanish nationalities, any other nationalities(*), foreign talent in Spain (with valid visa)
• Above 18 years old
• Fluent in English
• A fluency in Spanish will be a great advantage
• The program is endorsed by your University/Education Institution

(*)Due to the Immigration rules, non-European talents are eligible for maximum 12 weeks of internship program.

Application Deadline

3 months prior to the intended start date (the latest). More info:

Advice for Someone Considering Doing Internship in Spain

Build your network – To work in Spain, connections are very important. Moreover, you will meet people from many different countries such as Brazilian, Russian, and Scandinavian. You will be able to learn different perpectives and be more open minded. Be more proactive to build your network.

Learn Spanish – Even though we will assist you in finding an internship that will mainly use English, learning Spanish will be an invaluable skill. After all it is the second most spoken language, after Chinese Mandarin. It will be an an excellent way to build better relationship with locals. We will provide you with a Spanish Course if you are interested to learn.

Travel Europe – During weekends or other holidays, go have an adventure in Europe. With its strategic location, you can easily visit other cities, like Madrid or Barcelona, or other European countries!

What's next?

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