With its strategic location in the center of Southeast Asia, Thailand enjoys a stable economic growth. It is now one of the center of business and trade in the region. In the heart of Thailand is its capital city, Bangkok. Interestingly, according to the World Bank, almost all (99.7%!) of Thailand’s firms are classified as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and it account for 80.3% of total employment in the country. Due to this facts, Bangkok is now considered as one of the best cities in the world for startups, especially with Thailand’s government many supports. If you dream of being an entrepreneur and build your own empire one day, our Bangkok Internship Program is your best choice. You will get experience from interning with the best startups and create professional connections.

As the only Southeast Asian country to never be colonized, Thailand has a rich culture and history. Combined the current rapid urban developments, especially in Bangkok, you will now see a unique environment. Megamalls can stand side by side with antique village homes and golden Buddhist temples surrounded by shops with neon signs. Completed with friendly people (Land of Smiles!) and luscious culinary, this City of Angels has continued to be one of the most traveller friendly cities in Asia.

Furthermore, along with Bangkok, other places like Phuket and Koh Samui, are the best spot to go for Thailand Hospitality Internship program

Thailand Internship Program Start Dates and Duration

Our Bangkok Internship Program is available anytime along the year for minimum 4 weeks to maximum 24 weeks. Check our package and pricing!

Our Thailand Hospitality Internship Program is available anytime along the year for minimum 3 months to maximum 1 year.

We would suggest that you to arrive on a Thursday and start the program briefing on Friday. Then you can rest on the weekend and start the internship bright and early on Monday

Suggested Activities in Bangkok

1. Shop in floating markets – Find everything from tropical fruits and vegetables to local food cooked right on top of the boats. Damnoen Saduak is the most popular floating market in Thailand, but if you want a more authentic experience, try Amphawa Floating Market

2. Try Thai massage – To boost internal health and muscular flexibility, Thai massage focus on circulation and pressure points. Pamper yourself with the wide range of choices, from local shops to hotels, or even from blind masseurs!

3. Indulge on Street Foods – It is said that if you have not eaten on the side of the busy street, you have not truly tasted Thailand foods. You can find some of the most delicious (and cheap!) food in Thailand street vendors. Try satay with hot sauces, Pad Thai (stir-fried rice noodles with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice and red chili pepper) and Mango Sticky Rice. For the adventurous souls – be sure to try the deef-fried bugs!

Eligibility Requirement

• Local Thai people, all nationalities eligible for Non-Immigrant Visa(*), foreign talent in Thailand (with valid visa)
• Above 18 years old
• Fluent in English
• A fluency in Thai language will be a great advantage.
• The Program is endorsed by your University/Education Institutions
*Citizens of most countries can enter Thailand to do an internship with a Non-Immigrant Visa.


Application Deadline

2 months prior to the intended start date (the latest). More info:

Advice for Someone Considering Doing Internship in Thailand

Respect your senior – Even though the working environment in Thailand is pretty laid back, there is a pretty strong culture of seniority. Hierarchy and status still play an important part in Bangkok working culture. Show deference to your colleague, especially older ones. This does not mean you cannot speak up your opinion, but do so without disrespecting others.
Be generous – It is not hard to make friends with Thai people, who are mostly very friendly and helpful. It is the Land of Smiles after all. However, you can show them some good gestures, like bringing foods to the office or some souvenirs.
Dress professionally – Personal presentation is pretty important to Thai people. If you want to be taken seriously, you should dress professionally. This is important especially during the first days of your internship, to make sure that you make a great first impression.


What's next?

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