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CV Illustration
30 Apr, 2024

CV that Makes You “Stand Out”

Nowadays, competition in the world of work is increasingly high. Everyone is competing to get their dream job. One of the keys to success in the selection process is to have an attractive and unforgettable Curriculum Vitae (CV). A CV is an important document that provides an overview of yourself to potential recruiters. Therefore, it is important for us to ensure that our CV is able to make a strong and positive impression.


Here are some tips for carving out a successful trail with an unforgettable CV:


Shine Bright

Shine bright means start with a captivating personal statement. Begin your CV with a brief statement that reflects your personality and career goals. Avoid cliches and use this as an opportunity to present yourself uniquely. For example, “A technology enthusiast with a passion for creating innovative solutions that make the world a better place.”

Use creative design for interesting visuals

Don't let your CV look like a boring old document. Use some creative design to enhance the layout of your CV. Use fonts that are easy to read yet attractive, add a bit of color to highlight important sections, and consider including small icons or graphics relevant to your skills or interests.  There is one thing you need to pay attention to when making a CV, that is, look at and consider the desired industry or company. If applying in a creative industry such as graphic design, art or creative marketing, your CV should be as creative as possible. Likewise, if you apply to a company with a formal atmosphere such as banking, consulting or law, it is usually expected that your CV will use a more standard format or ATS (Applicant Tracking System). These formal companies often prioritize professionalism and simplicity in CVs.


Tell Your Story with Narratives

Instead of just listing your job duties, use narrative to explain your achievements and experiences. Tell how you faced challenges, how you solved problems, and what you learned from those experiences. This will help recruiters get to know you on a more personal level.

Showcase Your Best Work

If possible, include links to an online portfolio or examples of your best work. This gives recruiters the chance to see firsthand what you can do and how creative and high-quality your work is.

Simple Language

Use language that is easy to understand and avoid jargon that may not be understood by everyone. Simplify your sentences and steer clear of clichés that often sound dull. Show your personality through the words you choose.


Personal Touch

You can talk about interests and Hobbies. Add a small section about your interests and hobbies in your CV. This not only gives a more complete picture of who you are as an individual but can also spark interesting conversations during interviews

Additional note, before sending your CV to the employers' email, add a brief conclusion that emphasizes why you are the perfect candidate for the position in the body email. Use this opportunity to leave a good impression on recruiters. By implementing the tips, you can create a CV that not only reflects your qualifications professionally but also showcases your personality and creativity. Remember, a CV is not just a list of tasks and qualifications but also a reflection of who you are as an individual. 


Not sure whether your CV is already stand out or not? Enroll for CV Review session with Bright Internships now! Contact us for more info