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07 Aug, 2017

IT Internship: Job Description

Nowadays, most aspects of our life are dependent on some kind of computer programs, whether for business or entertainment. Especially with the increasing use of smartphones all around the world, a proficiency in Information Technology (IT) is in high demand. An IT graduate is needed by almost every company, from start-ups to multinational companies, in wide range of positions. If you are interested in an IT internship, here are several most popular job descriptions.

Software Engineering

When you are interning in this field, you will be working with the writing and implementation of software for computers and other electronic products. It is a highly diverse field as a software engineer can create many different kinds of programs, for business to personal use. Generally, an internship in this field can be divided into two categories, application engineer or system engineer. Application engineer develop general computer application software, while system engineer develop a company’s computer system.  Possible job description for a IT internship in this fields might look like this:

  • Perform analysis to understand the user needs
  • Assist in the development and improvement of the software to meet the user needs
  • Conduct tests and identify errors of the programs
  • Perform maintenance, troubleshooting and debugging
  • Help with the software implementations, for example by providing training and support for the staff who will operate the software

Hardware Engineer

If you are having an internship as a computer hardware engineer, you will be working with the physical components of computers and other electronic devices, like the chips, circuit boards, and network routers. You might also be involved in creating other computer accessories, like keyboards and printers. You will also be working closely with a software engineer, as you will need to create a hardware components that are compatible with the newest software developments. Possible job description for a IT internship in this fields might look like this: 

  • Participate in the design stage of new computer hardware
  • Test and analyse the hardware to make sure it complies to the standard and compatible  with the software
  • Troubleshoot as needed
  • Help in the manufacturing of the hardware
  • Review and compare with competitors’ products

Web Developer

As an intern in this field, you will be working with the design, development and maintenance of websites. You will need to work closely with clients to make sure the web pages meet their request and demand. Moreover, with the emergence of smartphones and tablets, a web developer intern is will also have to make sure that the web pages is accessible on many different devices. Possible job description for a IT internship in this fields might look like this: 

  • Attend meetings with clients to understand their requested website design
  • Write, design and create websites in accordance with the clients’ request
  • Identify and troubleshoot errors with the websites
  • Test the appearance and ease of access of the website on many different browsers and devices
  • Communicate regularly with the clients and help in the training to use the website optimally

Game Developer

If you have a love for playing video game, this might be your dream internship. As a game developer, you will be involved in the creation and development of games. You will have plenty of choices from games for computers, consoles, online, tablets and other handheld devices. Possible job description for a IT internship in this fields might look like this:

  • Work with the team to design the concept for a game, including the gameplay
  • Help with the animation of the characters and objects
  • Assist the coding of the game following the design and requirement
  • Test the game and find bugs to be fixed
  • Prepare the release of the games

IT is a very dynamic field, especially with the rapid technology advancement. With an internship in IT, you will be able to better understand the field and which specific job type suit you the best. If you are interested in a IT internship, we can help you secure a position. Just contact us!