Science and Environment Internship: Job Description

In modern days, we are frequently blinded by progress that we often forget about its impact to the nature and our very limited resources. With various growing threats to the lifecycle of this planet that we call home, such as global warming, bringing up environmental awareness is a task that is more important than ever. That is why the people in the field of science and environment are essential in these recent times, to ensure that progress and nature can go hand in hand in harmony. Although there is the research part of the job, the work also consists of going out in the field. A science and environment internship will give you ample opportunities for those precious field experiences and the chance to work with senior staff who will surely teach you valuable lessons that cannot be find in books. Here are a few examples of possible job descriptions in this field for those interested in applying for an internship.  

Environmental Planner

Damaging the surrounding environment in some way on a construction project is not something that can be avoided, but the effect can certainly be minimized. The main jobs of an environmental planner are to ensure minimal impact on environments and plan the best use of land in development projects. How to balance the client’s demands and the environmental concern will be the core struggle for those interested in this field. On the other hand, if you work on a government agency, it will be your job to give advice regarding environmental regulation and policy. Possible job description for a science and environment internship in this field might look like this.

·       Assist the Senior Environmental Planner

·       Draft designs and maps

·       Make sure that everything is in compliance with environmental regulations and policies

·       Collect, review, and report data


With emerging news of animal species extinction, or those on the brink of one, zoologist as a profession is becoming more and more valuable. Zoologists’ main duties are studying animals and their behavior regarding to the ecosystem. Since the animal world is extremely vast, most of them specialize in a particular area such as mammals or reptiles, and some even narrow down their expertise even further. Type of work for a zoologist varies greatly, they can do observation and research in open nature, sometimes on extreme weather condition and terrain, or they can work indoor on a controlled environment such as a zoo. The result of their work can be used to help endangered animals in many ways, for example showing how climate change affects the animals’ habitat and migration pattern.  Possible job description for a science and environment internship in this field might look like this.

·       Gather and analyze data then report findings

·       Collect and prepare specimen for research

·       Study animal characteristics and their interaction with their surrounding ecosystem

·       Interact and work together with professionals and experts in related fields


In its simplest definition, horticulturists are people who work with plants. They use scientific knowledge to better cultivate vegetables, fruit, ornamental plants and others so that they grow healthy and can reach their utmost potential. Their field of work is broad and not only confined to production. They can work in landscaping and design, especially since people are now paying attention to eco-friendly building and try to incorporate greenery into their building.  Others specialize in treating diseased plants and devise ways to prevent pest. Those who are more interested in the science side of it can research and engineer a new breed of plant. Possible job description for a science and environment internship in this field might look like this.

·       Routine maintenance such as watering, fertilizing, weeding, mulching, pruning, and others

·       Choose and develop a project then share the results

·       Collect samples and analyze it

·       Assisting in providing information to the public

What is amazing for a job in this field is that the work is not only for the company or yourself but for the betterment of the planet itself. An internship will be a great first step in learning and practicing how to do exactly that. If you are interested in a science and environment internship, we can help you secure a position. Just contact us!