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09 Feb, 2018

Sports Internships: Job Description

Hot-blooded, passionate fans and thunderous roars; nothing is as effective as sports in stoking excitements in people!  Sport events happen regularly in different scale, from school competition and local match to international events that are celebrated by people from all around the world, such as Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Summer Olympics, and FIFA World Cup. Your option is not limited to only becoming an athlete if you have an interest in a sport relating career. There are many jobs that let you be involved in many aspects of sports. An internship will definitely benefit you in knowing what those positions entail more in detail. Here are some job descriptions for all of you who are interested in getting a sports internship!

Event Coordinator

Sport events are fun and exciting but the planning behind it takes a lot of time and work. Every little detail is important and it needs someone with a talent in organizations and communication for everything to run without any problem.  An event coordinator job is basically making sure that an event is proceeding smoothly for both the participating teams and the audience. From preparing accommodations for the players to the clean-up after, a coordinator is responsible for an event from its very beginning until the end. Therefore, the ability to multitask and work under heavy pressure are essential for a successful endeavor in this field. Possible job description for a sports internship in this field might look like this:

  • Inspecting the facility used for the event
  • Prepare for the participating team’s logistics
  • Research the market for the sport and do promotion for the event accordingly
  • Deal with any unforeseen problem on the day of the event

Communications Officer

Building up a positive image for a brand is vital in any industry, especially with the help of social media. Sports players, teams, and organizations are no different. They need someone that can spread the word about them with the kind of image that they want. That is where a communication officer comes in. They interact with the press, post regularly on social media platforms, and deliver message from the brand to the public. Of course, interpersonal skills are vital for this job because networking and creating close relationships with other people will possibly be the bulk of the work.  Possible job description for a sports internship in this field might look like this:

  • Create a lasting relationship with the media and be the frontline in responding their questions
  • Write for printed press and posts online in social media platforms and blogs
  • Help out in a media related event such as a press conference
  • Collect materials of the brand such as by recording and taking pictures of your team in action, interview the player, etc.

Sports Reporter

If both journalism and sports are your passion, then being a sports reporter is perfect for you. A reporter job is to cover sports related news and events. You will have many opportunities to attend a game and watch it live. However, because of it, being able to travel often is usually one of the requirements for this position. When at a game, it is important that you cover any noteworthy happenings and give your unique take on it. Networking with the teams and players are also important because a good relationship can get you an exciting scoop before everyone else! Furthermore, arranging interviews are a big part of the job as well, not only with the players but also other personnel that can give opinions on the subject at hand. Possible job description for a sports internship in this field might look like this:

  • Finish assignments from editors within the scheduled time
  • Investigate news regarding sports figures and organizations
  • Maintain a good and long-lasting relationship with people in the sports industry
  • Do an extensive research in preparation for an event

Sports are an exciting field that is full of opportunities. With undertaking a good internship, you will have the chance to understand more about the industry and the chance to build a network of connection. If you are interested in a sports internship, we can help you secure a position. Just contact us!