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01 Apr, 2022


Work culture is the biggest challenge of interning abroad. Therefore, as an intern, you must know the work culture of your internship destination to overcome it.
For all of you who are willing to intern in Thailand or are going there soon, these are the work cultures in Thailand.


The atmosphere in the workplace in Thailand is pretty laid back. In addition, there is a pretty strong culture of seniority.

Therefore, the young people have to show respect to the seniors. But the good thing is you are so welcome to speak up your opinion while still respecting others.

The locals are very helpful, supportive, and eager to learn. Do not be surprised when one of your colleagues asks you to teach them English or any new skills. It’s such a good opportunity for you to learn from them too.

For working hours, 8 hours a day with a 1-hour break is a normal working hour in Thailand, beyond that one must demand overtime pay.



Being polite and helpful are as important as speaking softly and nicely to build good relationships with locals.

Wai to everyone is a must when entering the office. Wai is Thai greeting, to Wai is to greet in a way that both hands are in a position of praying and the head is bowed a little.

Do not think that locals are not friendly. If they do not usually ask you some questions in the first meeting, they are just not that open to asking personal questions to strangers.

Give time to get closer and build friendships along the way.



Appearance is important in Thai workplaces as Thais are very fashion conscious. So a business dress code is a must. Men typically wear suits and ties, and women wear dresses and skirts rather than pants.

Having said all this, keeping good relationships with locals in the workplace, learning their culture, and keeping good performance will make your internship experience the best it can be and the stay in Thailand is worth the while.

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