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We recruit Top Interns from Universities
All Around the World.

Company Partnership

Need Interns?

Fill in the Company Project Form to recruit our interns or simply email us at with your internship vacancy post. There is no service fee for hiring top interns from Bright Internships.


Why Host Interns

New Ideas and Perspective

Interns with different backgrounds and skills always bring fresh and new ideas to the company. They see from different lenses and could provide outside-in opinions to assist your employees solving various business matters.

Screen the Right Candidates

An internship is a great step to “test the water” before offering a full time opportunity. While hiring interns, you will have the opportunity to assess their skills and fitness for your company and help you to minimize the risk of hiring the wrong person.

Help with the Tasks and Projects

Hiring interns can benefit the company in providing additional support and help for your employees. Give the interns real and meaningful projects that can help your company to be more productive and grow in a new and exciting direction.


 Frans Yuwono, CEO, Asia Commerce

Frans Yuwono, CEO, Asia Commerce

“Bright Internships really works! I already have 2 interns and they are all very good quality. One is from the Philippines and other is from UCLA coming to my company and helped us grow the business. Thanks Bright Internships!”

Let’s work together to find the right talent for your company!

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