Muleya Belemu, Stamford International University - Bangkok Internship, Sales and Marketing Industry

Bright Internships really helped me so much, and I really appreciate it. Finding an internship was quick and met the deadline. And they always made sure to be by side throughout the internship and always checked on me and made sure I was okay and comfortable. I also really appreciate having a mentor and coach to always support me and help me during the whole experience I wouldn’t have gotten through all of it without their help. Bright Internships and partner have been so helpful and friendly. The overall experience was great and I got a chance to meet/talk to some amazing people.

Mikhael Clement Lim, Ottimmo International - Maldives Internship, Culinary Art

The Host Company and internship program are very nice and assertive. My most memorable moment was the customer experience and faster knifework that I gained. Bright Internships is very nice and helpful.

Josevina Gaby, Petra Christian University - Bali Internship, Film Industry

My internship is very refreshing and interesting. I gained lots of friends, new experiences and most of all I can become a better person while serving the company to it’s fullest at the same time. Hardships are common, and that’s what this internship teaches us to do. My most memorable experience during your program is during the Balinale Film Festival.

Chriscensia Gabrielle, RMIT University - Surabaya Internship, Logistics Industry

Having an internship before graduating has always been my goals. Bright internships has been so helpful from the beginning. They helped me to prepare the interview and build up my confidence. I am glad to be able to get this experience! thankyou

Diana Rosariningtyas, Unika Atma Jaya - Hong Kong Internship, Accounting Industry

My overall internship experience was excellent! 

Maureen Harend, University of Southampton (SIM Global Education) - Shanghai Internship, PR and Marketing Industry

Learning more about marketing and how working in a marketing agency like is my most memorable experience during the program!

Natasya Mauritania, Swinburne University of Technology - Surabaya Internship, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Most memorable experience during the program is being able to meet new people with different characters and set of skills. Bright Internships was very helpful in looking for an internship company for me. The service was very fast and timely and they assisted me well from the beginning until the end.

Intern Bright Internships

Pauline Claudia Hutabarat, Sunway University Malaysia - South Korea Virtual Internship, Education Industry

I feel happy from the first time I started this journey. I found that Bright Internship is so helpfull and understand well. I learned from the small until the most important thing. Thank you for my host company that allowed me to start the new instagram account for the international students.

Testimony - Bright Internship

Anastasia Clarissa, UCSI University, Kuala Lumpur - Indonesia Internship, Marketing

A wonderful journey for me, learning many things that I don’t know before about social media marketing.

I gained more knowledge about copywriting, planning, and advertising

Raffael Daniel, Uniprep Junior College - Jakarta Internship, Business Industry

Bright internships has chosen me the best suitable company for me to gain more useful knowledge and experience.

I am very thankful for Bright internships.

Bright Internships Testimony

Danica, NationalHigh Jakarta School - Indonesia Virtual Internship, Marketing Industry

Although this internship was remote, I learned so much stuff from my mentors at the host company. It has helped me both through my school life and personal life. Also, I interacted with so many amazing people!

Grace Christy Irawan, ERC Institute - Surabaya Internship, Food & Beverage Industry

Bright Internships was helping me to find my career path and help me to pursue my future in working and it was amazing!

I can learn new experience and know about cafe industry and also meet another people. Especially, I can learn how to use the espresso machine and using the steamer and also how to make the menu and learn how to manage the money.

Septania W, Universitas Gadjah Mada - Jakarta Internship, International Trading Industry

The service was good. The internship student was trained, managed, and checked before, during, and even after the program ended. However, it will be much better if Bright Internships knows the detail of the internship company. Perhaps, sudden visit would do good.

Yunita Pratiwi Saputra, Universitas Ma Chung - Shanghai Internship, Event Management and Finance Industry

This program really made a big leap and impact in my life, especially in my career in the future. What I got from this program is more than I ever expected, I did never think that I will get this much. Honestly, Bright Internships service is very good and helpful, they helped me to prepare my resume and interview and also helped me to get the host company less than a month because I need to confirmed it to my university. Don’t just believe me but you have to try it too. I can’t say how happy and thankful I am to be a part of Shanghai Internship Program. Thank you so much Bright Internships for this chance, more for this unforgettable life experience.

Haled Smadi, New Bulgarian University - Bali Internship, Hospitality and Marketing Industry

I came here with the idea for making university required work experience and I did it! In Bulgaria, the required work days for university internship are 40 days. I had a lot memorable experiences, visiting a lot of places, and exploring the local culture. Feel happy that I met a lot of people here! Bali is a beautiful place with amazing culture but it is not the best place for improving your professional skills, volunteering is better here.

Yosafat Chandra, Victoria University - Bali Internship, Psychology Industry

Bright Internships is a really good company which gave me a fantastic opportunity to do an internship during my holiday. Their services and staffs are awesome. They provide me with a great supports during my application—from the resume checking and interview preparation. Thank you so much Bright Internships for this opportunity. I also got to know all of the students from primary to kindergarten, and they were giving such a lovely welcome to me. It’s just so memorable and unforgettable experience.

Refi Aurelia, Akademi Sages - Phuket Internship, Culinary Art

Halo, namaku Refi. Aku ambil program magang trainee 6 bulan di Bright Internships. Aku magang di cold kitchen tepatnya di Hotel bintang 5 di Phuket. Orang-orangnya baik dan pengalaman yang aku dapat di kitchen juga bagus. 

Testimony - Bright Internships

Salvia Levina Sutanto, Singapore Institute of Management & University of London - Thailand Virtual Internship, Biotechnology Industry

It was a very excellent time working with people in the host company. They are very welcoming and supportive. They helped me to gain my skill to become a better intern. Also, Bright Internships are helpful.

Overall, it was such a great experience to be a part of their team.

Testimony - Bright Internship

Michelle Audrellia, Seges Institute - Dubai Internship, Culinary Art

It is an amazing experience to learn and work in a big company hotel and abroad which is improved your mental, disciplinary, ability, and push you to be the best version.
First experience doing internship in abroad, you have to be strong and never give up, you will become more stronger and this is the time when you will learn.

Viktoriya Karavasileva, Florence Design Academy - Bali Internship, Architecture Industry

I certainly enjoyed the program and the experience. Thank you for everything you've done! The internship host company and the supervisor are excellent! The staffs are helpful and it was a good work experience. In addition, through the program, I met great people and have amazing memories since coming here in Bali. Moreover, I would definitely recommend Bright Internships as they are always there when I needed help. They are good in organizing the visa documents as well. My most memorable experience during the program is definitely the people I met and the knowledge I gained. Definitely great food by the way :D.

Ghina Salsabila, Universitas Brawijaya - Bali Internship, Agriculture Industry

I feel so satisfied to find an internship through Bright Internships because they are very responsive and they placed me in a Host Company which I really like and want. In addition, Bright Internships team is very hardworking during the placement process to find a company that is match with my expectation under the tight deadline. Thank you!

My memorable moment during my internship is when I need to interact with foreign clients that I felt nervous in the beginning and kind of afraid of rejections, but turns out everything is great and the client is super friendly which made my day!

Testimony - Bright Internship

Lani Mariana, Ottimmo Internasional Master Gourmet - Thailand Internship, Culinary Art

When I was an intern at Bandara, I was happy to be directly taken care of  the head chef and on the first day I was able to serve food to guests.  It took time to build rapport with the other workers, but in the end, they and I got to know each other and worked well together. 

Indeed, the Bandara is not the hotel I want from a FnB perspective and I learn more about life than the kitchen, but on the bright side I was able to get through that phase and was considered a staff there with a team that was like family.  And I got a lot of small gift  items and memories.

Last, they taught me Thai and I taught them English.  I learned that difficult to communicate doesn't mean that I can't be close, because I am very close to one staff who can't speak English at all, but I am very very close with him, his name is Phi Nick.

Vicky C, the University of Surabaya (UBAYA) - Surabaya Internship, Game Industry

I am interning at a game company as a game tester, so basically I am testing games and features across multiple platforms and document all findings, bugs, crashes, errors and etc. In addition, I helped to diagnose issues discovered during alpha testing. The internship is fun and I rated the host company, supervisor, Bright Internships and their staffs excellent and I would recommend it to everyone!

Yerimia Layono, Ottimmo International - Vietnam Internship, Culinary Art

Bright Internships always maintain the communication with the intern which is very good (rated 5/5). While the experience in the hotel might not be the best, but I do learn something there. During Christmas and New Year event when the busiest time while I was there, I learnt that the importance of teamwork in restaurant and hotel (hospitality). I also learnt about the communication between kitchen and service staff and also how to communicate with the customer.

Nicholas Chiang, Biola University - Surabaya Internship, Digital Marketing Industry

Bright Internships has been so helpful from beginning to the end. They helped me to be able to experience something that I have never felt before. Thank you!

Sisca Mega, Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University Malang - Jakarta Internship, Legal Industry

My colleagues were really kind. They taught me well and they even gave me the opportunity to join UNESCO World Press Freedom as one their representatives. Thanks to this internship I gained new perspective towards legal related to press.

Clare C. Widjajakusuma, Bina Bangsa School - Bandung Internship, Hospitality Industry

I'm glad getting the opportunity to do an internship in Bandung and would recommend this café. I was able to learn to communicate with the customers and learn to make simple drinks like matche, chocolate, etc.

Testimony Bright Internships

Jordan Julio Jap, University of New South Wales - Thailand Virtual Internship, Business & Technology Industry

Creating the website from scratch was fun. I learned how to design and build an interesting website from the company's feedback. I learned to use multiple resources on the web to create a functional website. I wish we could have had better communication from the start, but overall it was a great and fun experience.

Caroline Uy, National Cheng Kung University - Surabaya Internship, Business Development and Marketing Industry

Bright Internships indeed paved the way for me to be secured in Indonesia. Through this internship, I’ve experienced events that I think won’t experience in Philippines. Also, through this internship I got a job offer from the company I am doing my internship in. I learned so much through this experience and I discovered the beauty of interning which is, doing internship will really give you the real feeling of working in a career that you think you would want to pursue and through that, you may decide if you do really like to make it as your career or make you realise that it is not for you. It gives you still a choice.

My most memorable experience during your program: meeting very optimistic and driven individuals/staff in the office is my highlight. Seeing the CEO and COO handle their company is inspirational as well. it is also my first time to work in such a company which I must admit, got culture shoked a bit because I never had a house set-up before.

Testimony - Bright Internship

Shancia, Airlangga University - Indonesia Internship, Business and Finance

Great experience! I can have fun and improve my skills.
I have a lot of new friends and connections.

Roberto Tjong, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) - Japan Internship, Mechanical Engineering Industry

It was a good experience doing internship in Japan. I was able to improve my skills during the internship and travel around. Definitely worth it.

Murelle Garrigos, University of Warwick - Singapore Internship, Event Planning and Marketing Industry

One of the most memorable moments during my internship is spending time with my co-workers outside of the office. My co-workers showed me different parts of Singapore and exposed me to different cuisines that Singapore has to offer. I’ve learnt so much about the Singaporean culture.

My overall experience with Bright Internships and the host Company has been an amazing one. Florensia has been so helpful throughout my whole internship experience and making sure everything is sorted out for my internship. I am so pleased that Bright Internships has given me the opportunity to work for a company with such a great team! Thank you very much!

Stanley Soerianto, Beijing Jiaotong University - Hong Kong Internship, Finance Industry

Hello I am Stanley from Indonesia. I was majoring in software enginnering back in Beijing and I've been wanting to work in Hong Kong. Bright Internships and its local partner have helped me to find the internship in Hong Kong. I intern in a fintech company, working together with the asset management team. Overall I learnt lots of things and get new experiences in Hong Kong. In addition, I love eating seafood in Sai Kung and I like the nightlife here. I recommend everyone who wants to try to work in Hong Kong to get help from Bright Internships as they have been very helpful and Jacky, their staff in Hong Kong, is very friendly.

Darren Alexander Muliawan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Surabaya Internship, High Tech Industry

I encourage you to fill your holiday with something useful like joining the internship program! It does not only give you wonderful experience but also boost your resume!

Maudy Sabrina, Islamic University of Indonesia - Seoul Internship, Marketing industry

Masih tidak percaya kalau kemaren aku ke korea untuk internship karena memang korea adalah salah satu negara yang pingin banget aku kunjungin. Aku sangat bahagia karena aku juga bisa bertemu teman baru di kantor tempat aku magang dan di share house ku. Aku juga mendapatkan banyak pelajaran saat aku melakukan internship karena aku bisa memahami bagaimana orang bekerja dan suasana sebuah perusahaan. Ini akan menjadi pengalaman yang berharga untuk ku. Aku berharap untuk kedepannya aku bisa melakukan kegiatan seperti ini lagi.

Dody Iswandi Maulidiawan, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya - Bangkok Internship, Entrepreneurship Industry

Hello, my name is Dody, Bright Internships' scholarship recipient for Bangkok Internship Program. I have lots of memorable moments during the program! I met with lots of amazing people; worked in a startup project - a platform that is creating the future of work by aligning millennial talents with sustainable projects; attended Seedstars Bangkok (world's biggest startup competition in emerging market); learnt how to do pitching and how to answer judges' questions as well as how to interact with audiences and networking. Again, Bright Internships program is very cool and you can network with international stakeholder which surprisingly they are very open and friendly!

Testimony - Bright Internships

Amanda Tanutama, University of Melbourne - Thailand Virtual Internship, Business & Technology Industry

It was great to get to know and interact with new people of different backgrounds especially during the pandemic when social interaction is restricted. I definitely got a taste of what it feels like to be under employment as to being a student. Furthermore, my time working on platforms like Wix and Airtable has made me aware of all the complex and useful programs that are available out there.

Jessica Samudra

Jessica Samudra, Northumbria University - Surabaya Internship, Fashion Industry

For those who are searching for an internship, Bright internships is very recommended. The staffs are very helpful. EXCELLENT SERVICE!

Apriyanti Tarwiyah, STP AMPTA Yogyakarta - Bali Internship, Tourism Industry

Selama 3 bulan ini aku banyak banget dapat pengalaman. Yang paling berkesan itu aku meng-update paket tur dan juga cost rate nya. Yang paling intense aku sering mengupdate database travel agent dunia karena divisi aku GIT untuk internasional, jadi aku handle seluruh travel yang ada di dunia kecuali Asia karena Asia ada divisinya sendiri. Selain itu aku juga banyak banget kenalan dengan teman-teman baru, senior baru. Mungkin yang paling berkesan karena aku orang lapangan dan setelah masuk ke dunia perkantoran jadi agak kaget. Tapi senang banget karena dunia perkantoran itu happy dan cozy banget, bisa santai dan tidak perlu panas-panasan pastinya. :)

Agustina Nurcahyanti - Kepala Biro Kerjasama dan Urusan Internasional, Unika Atma Jaya

Andai kamu adalah Founder atau CEO suatu perusahaan, pegawai dengan profil seperti apa yang kamu cari untuk ikut memajukan perusahaanmu?
Jawabnya "yang berpengalaman"

Dari mana datangnya pengalaman?
Jawabnya "dari keberanian meningkatkan kemampuan diri dan mencoba hal baru"

Pengalaman bukan sekedar guru terbaik bagi diri kita sendiri, namun juga orang lain. Semakin kita berpengalaman, semakin kita dapat membantu orang lain.
Ketika hari ini kamu dipuji sebagai yang terbaik diantara yang lain, akankah itu jaminan di hari esok?

Internship/Magang di Luar Negeri memberi pengalaman tak ternilai harganya. Upayakanlah supaya kamu bisa menjadi bagian dari pengalaman berharga itu!

Wei Neng Chu, Deakin University - Surabaya Internship, IT Industry

I learnt a lot in building websites using HTML and CSS. I am more accustomed in making use of the coding scripts for future purposes. Overall I am satisfied with the internship.

Darren Ryding, University of Kent - Malang Internship, Education Industry

I enjoyed my experience at Universitas Ma Chung. I am working with the English Letters Department and dealing with students. The staffs at Ma Chung are friendly and welcoming which makes it a comfortable environment to work. Malang is a very nice and easy place to live, with a lot of beautiful natural sites to visit nearby. It’s also well connected which meant I could visit places like Bali and Yogyakarta easily. 

unsplash - Bright Internships

Christian - Indonesia Internship, Business Markerting

Colleagues are helpful, learn a lot of new skills in B2B, marketing, and event planning.
Also, learn constructing resume, and top assitances from both Ms. Yemima and Ce Flo.

Kevin Hakim, Akademi Sages - Phuket Internship, Culinary Art

Magang di Thailand sangat bermanfaat, sangat membantu, sangat membuat saya berkembang karena berbagai hal khususnya dalam hal lingkungan dan pekerjaan. Pekerjaan di sini tidak dilakukan dengan asal-asalan, benar-benar profesional. Dalam hal lingkungan, lingkungan di sini sangat baik, teman-teman mendukung, teman dalam 1 lingkungan kerja yang mengerti mana yang baik dan benar. Saya sangat mendorong teman-teman semua untuk internship di sini. Terima kasih.

Testimony - Bright Internships

Fransiska Clodya Hartanto, University of Melbourne - Indonesia Internship, Food Industry

The whole journey was great! I learned how to be precise in measuring and checking the quality of the product. I also learned that hygiene is very important when I was about to prepare and check the sample product. Working in a laboratory is such a fun experience. If I got another chance, I would love to learn more about the research and development field, so that I would know deeper how to formulate and combine the chemicals into a final product. The company is also in the progress of developing konjac rice and it would have been better if I could go to the factory and see how it was made.

Testimony - Bright Internship

Michael Christiadi, Sages Institute - Dubai Internship, Culinary Art

Amazing experience by learning from professionals and training. Through this program I learned a lot and experience.

Thanks a lot.

Yemima Priambodo, Universitas Ma Chung - Phuket Internship, Hospitality Industry

Going overseas for having Internships program has changed me. I got new insight of how to survive independently in the place that far away from my family. I learned a lot about professionality from the other staff in the hotel because most of them already worked in many countries as well. The most important thing is, by this program I can understand more about myself, what is my strength of work, what things that I need to improve, and what kind of person that I wanted to be. Not only working in the hotel, during my internship I also visiting many tourism destinations in Phuket Island. Such a long holiday! I am truly grateful being one of the International internship programs and it becomes an unforgettable experience of my lifetime.

Lianto Darmawan - Lecturer - International Business Management, Petra Christian University

In the era of rapidly changing and increasingly competitive business environment, both business people and educators would agree that the traditional seat-in class learning method is no longer sufficient. It is still important, but it needs to be complemented with a real-world experience. Most would strongly support that internship is one of the most hands-on method in order to enrich students with real-world business experience. Unfortunately having internship is only half of the story. In order to attain the maximum benefit of the internship program, students need to have deep understanding on what do they need and which internship will provide them with it. Getting accepted to the chosen company is another obstacle that they have to overcome and it is obviously not easy when you aimed to be accepted by reputable companies. The existence of organization like Bright Internships have given the students a lot of supports in order to optimize their internship experience. If you have the chance, do not hesitate to seek help on your internship. It will definitely help you to shape your better future.

Joane Gabriella, Unika Atma Jaya - Hong Kong Internship, Accounting Industry

It was a very good internship experience. The registration until placement process was very good and this experience will give me many lessons to my future career :)

Tania Clara, RMIT University - Hong Kong Internship, Interior Design Industry

Memorable internship experience and very helpful staff from Bright Internships! I was working on interesting interior projects and I would definitely recommend Bright Internships and the host company in Hong Kong to other students who look for internships.

Jovaldo Sorensen, Ottimmo International - Maldives Internship, Culinary Art

Pretty good experience! Even though the company we are doing internship at is a bit understaff so most duty was given to the trainee and it was tiring - but it is a good experience for training.

Silvendiana Lee, Curtin University of Technology - Shanghai Internship, Accounting Industry

Bright Internships did a wonderful job of helping me gaining a hands-on experience of working as an auditor in corporate advisory and CPA firm in Shanghai. As a student of accounting and finance, I was fortunate enough to be able to experience the way businesses operate in Shanghai, a global financial hub. The experience of living and working in Shanghai has provided me with a great insight into cultural differences and an opportunity to grow both on a personal and professional level.  Also, the group activities hosted by the local staffs made my stay much more enjoyable and you do not want to miss it!

Jade Permata, Singapore National Academy - Surabaya Internship, Psychology Industry

My most memorable experience would be visiting the Sports Clinic in Dr. Soetomo with my supervisor. Other than that, the talks we had in the office was also very interesting and memorable. Bright Internships has been a wonderful experience for me. It has guided me on how to do interviews and construct my resume, and has been very helpful with all my questions. Overall, it was a new and thrilling experience!

Jeremia F. Manurung, University of St. Andrews - Jakarta Internship, Finance Industry

The internship program is good, I gained a lot of new experiences and knowledge.

Testimony - Bright Internship

Alfira Nuarifia Handitasari - Capacity Development Officer CDC Fisipol UGM

Satu kata yang teringat ketika berkolaborasi dan bekerjasama dengan Bright Internships yaitu profesional.

Tim Bright Internship sangat ramah dan responsif sehingga setiap kolaborasi berjalan dengan lancar, pun materi-materi yang disampaikan bermanfaat dan insightful bagi teman-teman Fisipol UGM.

Semoga sukses selalu untuk tim Bright Internships!

Johana Felicia, University of Southampton - Bali Internship, Education Industry

Overall, I am very happy to have had the chance to intern at great school in Bali. Everyone was very welcoming, and warm. But mostly, I was very happy to be able to put my knowledge into practice – especially in helping out to give a workshop for the teachers on special educational needs and inclusive education. I was able to flexibly work out how to better help individually children with special needs.

Testimony - Bright Internship

David Irawan, Ma Chung University - Thailand Virtual Internship, Human Resource

Kegiatan magang ini cukup menarik karena merupakan hal baru bagi saya melakukan magang secara online/virtual.

Melalui magang ini saya juga menyadari bahwa kontak secara langsung antar manusia tidak akan bisa tergantikan.

Testimony - Bright Internship

Maria Moniz, Indonesia International Institute for Life-Sciences (i3L) - Thailand Virtual Internship, Marketing and Business

The skills that I am very proud to have learn was definitely my knowledge regarding the beauty skincare industry in Indonesia, as I am also a foreigner in it was quite intimidating at first but as the project continues other than expanding my knowledge of the beauty skincare industry it has also increased my confidence in problem solving skill, data analysis skill through the primary research that was conducted and also my communication skill as other than being the middle man between the team and Moringa Project Thailand; I had also need to communicate with different Digital Marketing Agency in Indonesia for the project.

Andriani Ilham Warsono, Universitas Brawijaya - Bangkok Internship, Hospitality Industry

This internship changed me to be the person who will be needed in the kitchen, I have stronger personality. My most memorable experience during my program is working with the Australian chef. He was so grumpy, yet I got good quality improvement on my skill and knowlegde from working with him.

Jonathan Wirawan, Singapore National Academy - Jakarta Internship, Engineering Industry

It was a good experience and I look forward to interning in other companies.

Eka Rudyanto, University of Bedfordshire - Hong Kong Internship, Finance Industry

My 3 months Hong Kong internship has exceeded my expectations. Being the key getaway to one of the world's largest economy, Hong Kong serves as a main platform where various international firms establish their presence into China and Asia. Because of this reason Hong Kong offers a major opportunity to gain practical business experience and a good start point to a bright career. Aside of the challenging and competitive business environment, Hong Kong diversity in culture is another aspect that makes this city the ultimate internship destination. Like many expats from every part of the world, I am amazed with the fusion of Chinese tradition and modern western influence that has resulted into an interesting culture in itself. In this vibrant city that is indulged with diversity, I never ran out of exciting things to discover.Bright Internships and the local support in Hong Kong have provided me with more than the needed service for me to adapt in this new strange city. They are always available and ready to assist whenever necessary. In addition, through my internship, I was delighted to be offered a full time employment in the company! These are just some of many reasons that made my Hong Kong internship such a surreal experience.

Testimony - Bright Internships

Zabrina Beatrice Deviana, The Sages Institute, International - UAE Internship, Culinary Art

Belajar banyak hal yang mungkin di luar dugaan, selain belajar tentang dunia culinary disini saya juga belajar bagaimana cara berkomunikasi dengan banyak orang yang memiliki perbedaan kultur dan pemikiran.

Evan, Ottimmo International - Maldives Internship, Culinary Art

The staff service of the agency is great.

Raiymbek Kanbaba, INTI International College Subang - Phuket Internship, Hospitality Industry

I'm greatly thankful for your job that you have done to prepare me for this experience and finding me a platform to grow my career. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends and colleagues in the industry. I had a good chance to travel across the country, met amazing people along the way and learn the culture. I enjoyed it a lot that i even ended up extending my training period to another 3 months :D. Hope to continue to be in touch with you. And wish all the best to Bright Internships!

Testimony - Bright Internship

Vieri Luois Cenisius, Indonesia International Institute for Life-Sciences (i3L) - Thailand Virtual Internship, Marketing and Business

Our internship was fun, beneficial, challenging, and helpful for our future. We can spread our connection overseas or in the international range.

The most memorable experience that I had was the first meeting where we really nervous and scare to meet the company supervisor virtually, and also the last meeting where we present our findings regarding the project given with confident.

The skillsets that I gained was the time management skill which divide my to di list to several things, the communication skill especially with the professional industry, and also teamwork where we could divided the tasks given based on our abilities and experiences and done them with the good result.

The things that went better was my skillsets that I mentioned above and also I feel more confident to communicate with others. My skill in social media also increase because I have analyzed several social media account and also my current internship host company. 

Ade Wiraldy - Universitas Ma Chung, Hospitality Industry

I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in my intership place. Not only working as Front Office Department in the whole period, they let me learn how to be F&B staff and learn the SOP of Kitchen Department and Housekeeping Department.

Testimony - Bright Internships

Wawan Irawan, University of Bangka Belitung - Indonesia Virtual Internships, Education Industry

Excellent Experiences!
I gained a lot of experience and knowledge in the excellent host company.

Testimony - Bright Internships

Christiana Clara, Georgia Perimeter College - Thailand Virtual Internship, Business & Technology Industry

My most memorable experience was gathering data needed for the website. It was a tremendous amount of work which was complicated and time-consuming. However, from this, I learned more about data analysis and teamwork. I wish that I could have improved my communication skills better though. Overall. I had a great time doing this internship which made me broaden my experience.

Heny Purnamasari, the University of Melbourne - Hong Kong Internship, Law Industry

My internship experience was notable for many things. I had tremendous fun living in one of the most dynamic and metropolitan cities in the world, learned a lot of things from my colleagues and most importantly, my internship helped me land a job as a Forensics consultant at a prestigious firm here in Jakarta. My (then) prospective boss revealed that the main reason I was invited to the interview was my law firm internship. They needed someone with exposure to legal jobs and a global outlook. I realized then, that an overseas internship is a great selling point to prospective employers and I would definitely recommend Bright Internships to anyone.

Joanna Thompson, The University of Edinburgh - Singapore Internship, Legal Industry

My internship has been really good so far, and everyone is so friendly!