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Bright Internships is your first step before getting hired

Imagine working overseas

Being part of a diverse team

Learning valuable professional workplace skills

Testing whether you are fit in your chosen industry

Building network with fellow professionals

Being competitive in international job market

Getting prepared to be hired in the company you prefer

What we provide

  • A consultation about your career aspiration
  • A training to improve your resume and interview skill
  • A guaranteed internship placement
  • A customized study tour in your preferred destination



We are a passionate team working for passionate people.

We believe in the power of transformation by bringing your education into practical experience.

We believe that everyone has the right to follow their dreams. Our biggest pleasure is to be part of everyone’s self-discovery.

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We provide meaningful experience for everyone through the world’s best internship program. We believe that everyone has the right to pursue a successful career and we help to get you STAND OUT from the crowd.

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Caroline Uy, National Cheng Kung University - Surabaya Internship, Business Development and Marketing Industry

Bright Internships indeed paved the way for me to be secured in Indonesia. Through this internship, I’ve experienced events that I think won’t experience in Philippines. Also, through this internship I got a job offer from the company I am doing my internship in. I learned so much through this experience and I discovered the beauty of interning which is, doing internship will really give you the real feeling of working in a career that you think you would want to pursue and through that, you may decide if you do really like to make it as your career or make you realise that it is not for you. It gives you still a choice.

My most memorable experience during your program: meeting very optimistic and driven individuals/staff in the office is my highlight. Seeing the CEO and COO handle their company is inspirational as well. it is also my first time to work in such a company which I must admit, got culture shoked a bit because I never had a house set-up before.

Darren Alexander Muliawan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign - Surabaya Internship, High Tech Industry

I encourage you to fill your holiday with something useful like joining the internship program! It does not only give you wonderful experience but also boost your resume!

Nicholas Chiang, Biola University - Surabaya Internship, Digital Marketing Industry

Bright Internships has been so helpful from beginning to the end. They helped me to be able to experience something that I have never felt before. Thank you!

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