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We provide meaningful experience for everyone through the world’s best internship and training program. We believe that everyone has the right to pursue a successful career and we help to get you STAND OUT from the crowd. #SkillUpNow

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Agustina Nurcahyanti - Kepala Biro Kerjasama dan Urusan Internasional, Unika Atma Jaya

Andai kamu adalah Founder atau CEO suatu perusahaan, pegawai dengan profil seperti apa yang kamu cari untuk ikut memajukan perusahaanmu?
Jawabnya "yang berpengalaman"

Dari mana datangnya pengalaman?
Jawabnya "dari keberanian meningkatkan kemampuan diri dan mencoba hal baru"

Pengalaman bukan sekedar guru terbaik bagi diri kita sendiri, namun juga orang lain. Semakin kita berpengalaman, semakin kita dapat membantu orang lain.
Ketika hari ini kamu dipuji sebagai yang terbaik diantara yang lain, akankah itu jaminan di hari esok?

Internship/Magang di Luar Negeri memberi pengalaman tak ternilai harganya. Upayakanlah supaya kamu bisa menjadi bagian dari pengalaman berharga itu!

Nicholas Chiang, Biola University - Surabaya Internship, Digital Marketing Industry

Bright Internships has been so helpful from beginning to the end. They helped me to be able to experience something that I have never felt before. Thank you!

Dody Iswandi Maulidiawan, Universitas Prasetiya Mulya - Bangkok Internship, Entrepreneurship Industry

Hello, my name is Dody, Bright Internships' scholarship recipient for Bangkok Internship Program. I have lots of memorable moments during the program! I met with lots of amazing people; worked in a startup project - a platform that is creating the future of work by aligning millennial talents with sustainable projects; attended Seedstars Bangkok (world's biggest startup competition in emerging market); learnt how to do pitching and how to answer judges' questions as well as how to interact with audiences and networking. Again, Bright Internships program is very cool and you can network with international stakeholder which surprisingly they are very open and friendly!

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