2019 - Top destinations to do an internship in Asia

Asia is a huge continent stretching from the steppes of Russia to the waters of Lombok. The diversity of landscapes and cultures is stunning. A lifetime is not enough to discover every of these gems: you need to choose carefully what place to visit. We selected five of the most attractive places to do an internship in Asia.

1) Kyoto
One of the most preserved cities in Japan, Kyoto is located between Osaka and the Biwako, in the heart of the Honshu island. Much more than in Tokyo, tradition remains present. It is not unusual to cross the path of a Maiko maiden dressed in Kimono. It seems that there is a buddhist or shinto temple at every street corner. However, far from being stuck in the past, Kyoto is striving with new technologies in the digital era. Job opportunities in Kyoto are accordingly abundant.

2) Singapore
One of the first Asian countries to strive economically, the city-state of Singapore has long been a hub for international trade between Asia and south-east Asia. It also has one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. Small south Asian coffee shops lie just next to global banking skyscrapers. The view from the top of the Marina Bay Sands at night is incredible: to work in the Lion city is to work in a truly global city. If you do an internship in Singapore, you will start your career in Asia in a very good way.



3) Bali
From the point of view of a Westerner, Bali is probably the most famous place in Indonesia. The island has become throughout the years very different from the rest of Indonesia, mostly due to foreign influence. Still, local culture remains strong, between centuries-old temples and rice paddies. The island is a tourism hotspot. If you choose to do an internship experience in Bali , you will be able to get involved and integrated in a much deeper way. 

4) Shanghai
Shanghai is probably the most impressive of the cities in China. Located in a strategic position between Beijing and Hong Kong, Shanghai is the main finance hub of the country and arguably of all Asia. Especially interesting if you study banking or any finance related subject, the huge city of Shanghai offers nonetheless many internship opportunities in a broad range of industries.

5) Surabaya
Surabaya is the second most populated city in Indonesia, just behind Jakarta. Although still unknown to most foreigners, Surabaya has much to offer economically. The harbour in the city has become one of the busiest in south-east Asia. Trade and services are much present in the city, which happens to be located at the geographical center of Indonesia. If you are looking for a city in which you can truly meet and bond with Indonesian people, Surabaya might be the right place for you.

If one of those five cities interested you, you can apply to do an internship in Asia.