Illustration by Pikisuperstar

4 Good Characters of Rats

Chinese New Year is a celebration of a new year based on traditional Chinese calendar.  This year, we have metal rat as our Chinese zodiac. It is said that metal rat will bring financial stability and romantic partner for most of us. As an animal, rats can be a pest in our house. But rats also have positive characters that even us, humans, can learn in. There are 4 good characters of rats that humans can learn from.


1. High Curiosity

Chinese New Year 2020: 4 Good Characters of Rats

Rats are very curious. Rats is known to have neophobia. If they see something new, such as trap, bait, they will get suspicious. As a human, we need to be curious of new things, yet being cautious. For instance, before deciding our internship destination, we must research on our destination such as the culture, food, living cost, weather and many more important information in addition to things to prepare and avoid. By knowing the detail information, we can be ready to face the obstacles.


2. Flexible

Chinese New Year 2020: 4 Good Characters of Rats

Rats have a flexible body. It allows them to sneak into small space. They only need a 1 cm space to trespass a room. Same thing applied to us, we must become flexible. If we are interning abroad, the workplace and the culture will be different compared to our own country. We should learn to adapt in our work environment. 


3. Multi Talent

Chinese New Year 2020: 4 Good Characters of Rats

Rats are a small creature with multi talents. Rats can swim. They also a good climber and jumper. With its small body, rats can hide in dark, small, and narrow space. These skills help them to hide from human sight. To be like rat, we should expand our skills. Trying new things, such as hobbies, internships, or jobs help us learn new skills and experience.


4. Quick Learner

Chinese New Year 2020: 4 Good Characters of Rats

Rats, who can do anything, are also a quick learner. Every professional pest control knows that rat learns from mistakes. For example, if there is a rat stuck in a trap, the other rats in the group won't try to touch the same trap. This because they learn if the trap can kill them. In our internship, we can make mistakes. But what matters is how we handle the mistake. Besides, we learn the most from mistakes, right?


There are more to learn from rats. Rats teach us that exploring new things gives us ideas about our surroundings. All of those comes from outside of our comfort zone. Bright Internships will be there when you're outside your comfort zone and encourage you to explore new things. Contact us if you need more information. Last, Bright Internships wish you prosperity and good luck comes in this new year. Gong Xi Fa Chai!