5 Common Concerns about Internship

5 Common Concerns about Internship

When we want to intern, we may have hesitation. We’re afraid because we don’t know what to expect. Will we only do menial tasks? Will we get overworked? Or, will the internship meet our expectations? At this point, we can only wonder and guess. To answer the questions, we have listed some concerns based on our intern’s experience. Here are some concerns about internship and how to face them.


What to Do in The Internship

5 Common Concerns about Internship

First, we have to understand that an internship helps us knowing the real working world. For example, you have to come to the office on time, do the paperwork, submit work due to the deadlines, or participate in group projects. We may concerns about internship works will be hard. When you’re unsure about your work, don't be afraid to ask your colleagues. Then, try to work the task and show it to your seniors or colleagues. It's better to have mistakes than doing nothing. 


Too Much Workload in the Internship

5 Common Concerns about Internship

One of the concerns about internship is that we will be busier than before. We have to work on our assignments, projects, or paperwork from the office. When one job isn’t done yet, the others are coming! How to handle this? Learn to manage your time! In the internship, we have to work effectively in a certain time. To finish it in time, we have to use our time wisely and manage it.


There Will Be Seniority in the Workplace

Usually, one of common concerns about internship is that seniors at the office are not friendly. But, don't think negative before you meet them. Break that mindset! Before judging, try to socialize with them. Get to know your seniors and colleagues. Adapt to your office environment. 


Getting an Unpaid Internship

Some interns also have concern about internship but unpaid. Remember that each company has its own policy. There are some companies that might offer an allowance. There are also companies that offer nothing. But remember, the internship is an activity to get experience in the workplace. Always prepare for the worst. Some companies may not pay you in cash, but they give you something like meals, merchandise, or dinner together.


Vague Rights and Obligations in Work

5 Common Concerns abut Internship

As soon as you’re accepted, they will give you a contract to sign. Don’t forget to read the contract before working. Keep in mind all of the important information in the contract; what to do, what consider illegal, and how long the contract will last. Even after your internship is done, you must never forget the contract's term. People rarely have concerns about internship's contract, even if it's important. Usually, people forget about the contract and they just sign without reading. 


That's all 5 common concerns about internship. First time is the hardest--including internship. Keep focusing on your internship goal. Even so, we assure you that you will get a lot of new experiences by challenging yourself. Furthermore, our professionals will provide consultation and career training beforehand to make sure you are ready to start your internship. Contact us for more information!