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Bright Internships Newsletter

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Have you heard about Bright Internships newsletter? Have you signed up? If you already signed up to Bright Internships newsletter, that’s good. It means you will be the first to hear about our new programs and updates. But not only, you can also find many inspiring articles to help you on your journey. Especially to find your dream career. Follow these 3 simple steps to receive our latest update, exclusive offers, tips and trick, and more.


Go to Our Website

Bright Internships Newsletter: 1. Go to Our Website

The first thing you need to do is go to our website at Scroll down to find the signup box. The signup box is right under the contact form. Please note that, if you want to stalk our web content, that’s allowed. Take a tour on our website and enjoy our information.


Submit Your Email Address

Bright Internships Newsletter: 2. Submit Your Email Address

After you found the signup box, write down your email and hit the subscribe button. Make sure you submit your active email address. Before submitting your email address, do some recheck. Check whether there is a miss-spelling or typo.


Check Your Inbox and Confirm Your Subscription

Bright Internships Newsletter: Check Your Inbox and Confirm Subscription

The last step. Go to your inbox and look for a message from us. Hit the “Yes, subscribe me to this list” button. Just in time you confirm, you will get another notification from us.

Bright Internships Newsletter: You're On The List

If you get that kind of notification, it means you’re listed in our newsletter. Congratulation! Now, please wait for the first greeting from us within an hour.


Receive Our Newsletter

Bright Internships Newsletter: Receive Our Newsletter

For starter, there will be a greeting from Bright Internships CEO. Plus, you will also get Bright Internships E-Book Volume 1. This E-Book will tell you more information about internships and what you should do to prepare yourself for one. Interested? Subscribe now to figure it out.

Don’t worry our newsletters and E-Book are free. So, what are you waiting for? Keep an eye out for our newsletter and let’s stay to be in touch!