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Career Training Webinar

Resume, Interview and Cover Letter as Career Training Webinar

Bright Internships also held online career training classes besides soft skills training classes. There are three main topics of the career class, namely: resume, interview, and cover letter classes.

The resume and interview classes were held on August 7 and 14 and the cover letter class was held on August 28th.

The resume and interview classes are not only followed by students, but there are also company workers who take this career classes. This shows the enthusiasm of the participants regardless of their age.

CEO of Bright Internships who are also the speaker of this career training class, Florensia Daryanto, explains what kinds of tips and tricks that are needed to build a good resume, win the HRD's heart during interviews, and so on.
In the resume and interview class workshops, participant resumes are reviewed and mock interviews conducted on-site through a virtual platform which will be given input by the speakers.


career training


On August 28th, Bright Internships held a cover letter class with Luky Hermawan as the speaker& also our content media specialist. Luky informed the correct way to write a cover letter where there is should be a headline containing the applicant's data. When writing an email to HRD, if you have attached the cover letter file, you don't have to write it again in the body of the email.

In the cover letter class workshop&webinar, all the participants have submitted their cover letter files in advance if they want to be corrected on the spot. Of course, this is a good opportunity for participants to know where they went wrong when writing the cover letter.

Improving ourselves is important especially during this pandemic time, so after this situation is over, we can be more qualified to compete with others and be more experienced

Besides the resume, interview, cover letter skills, you also need work experience. Internships are one of the ways to attract the attention of HRDs when you are applying for jobs. Are you interested in doing virtual and regular internship programs? Join us and sign up now.

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