Chinese Smart Phone Application

Chinese Useful Smart Phone Application

Smart Phone Application That Will Help You During Your Stay in China

China is one of the fastest developing country. The use of technology make everyone easier to travel and to live in China, even for local people but mostly for foreigners. We can do almost everything from our smart phone. All we have to do is just to make sure that our smart phone is always sticking with us - everytime, everywhere. As your smart phone be one of the most important things in China, here are some Chinese useful smart phone application that can explain why.



Smart Phone Application: Baidu

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No longer need to worry to get lost in China. Baidu will be your Google while in China.

1. Since you need to browsing some information before travelling, Baidu is the best choice for your search engine. You can find every information you need. Just write down the key words and you can read everything based on your key words.

2. If you don't know how to read and speak in Chinese, Baidu Translate will help you. Baidu Translate is easy to use. It is as easy as Google Translate. It can translate all languages, so don't need to worry if you need another language to translate while in China.

3. If you don't know how to go to a place, Baidu Maps will show you the way. Just search the location you want to go and it will shows you how to get there. This application will also show you the estimated price and time to get there. Whether you are going with MRT, public bus, taxi, cycling or even walk. Everything is just few clicks away. All you need to know is how to write down the name of the place in Chinese character. After that, you have take notes and you are ready to depart.



Smart Phone Application: Alipay

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Nowadays, China is go cashless. Almost every store, street foods, restaurants and public places are using e-money as a payment menthod. This means you don't need to bring your cash everywhere you go, you are more safe from thieves and robbers. If you are staying in China for a long time, you better install and sign up a new Alipay account. This Chinese smart phone application will help you and make you easier for doing a payment. Don’t worry, your money is safe in it’s place as Alipay is directly connected with your bank account. Just make sure your smart phone is secure and be in the safe place with you.


WeChat and WeChat Pay

Smart Phone Application: WeChat and WeChat Pay

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The main social media and chatting platform in mainland China, yes it’s WeChat. This Chinese smart phone application is easy to use just like any other social media and chatting platform.  This application also make you feel safe to be on the internet. Only your friends that is on your inner circle can see your profile and updates. It will protect more information about you from strangers. WeChat is also featured with e-money payment system just like Alipay. It called WeChat Pay.



Smart Phone Application: Taobao

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Taobao become one of trusted online shopping platform in China. You can find everything you need. You can shop your daily needs (shampoo, soap, detergent, etc), clothing and apparel, household, toys, stationary, and even a motorcycle. The price is also cheap, sometimes it’s cheaper than the one displayed in the store. But you must be carefull as you can’t directly see the products. Always read the product’s review before buy it. You can use Alipay or WeChat Pay to buy something in Taobao. Have a good time shopping.


If you are planning to go visit China don’t forget to install those applications. Make sure you get them all in your smart phone before depart. For you who are planning or having an internship program in China, don’t miss those applications.