the cv and interview styles

The CV and Interview Styles Evolution

The CV and Interview Styles Evolution Throughout the Years

From years to years, the CV and interview styles change. As we know, the CV and interview as one of the process before getting hired.

Many changes occur in CV and interviews. We will discuss more about the evolution (source: The Undercover Recruiter).

the cv and interview styles

In 1482

Leonardo da Vinci creates the first professional CV.

In 1950

CVs become formalised for job interviews.

In 2003

LinkedIn launches, giving a new way for CVs to be presented.


Social medias are used to create a personal branding as one of CV builder tools.

Those are the changes in CVs, interview also redefined its way. Let's check the evolution in interviews.

In 1984

In this era, people usually use telephone interview. Many companies start the interview process with a phone call to discuss the job opportunity with a prospective employee.

In 1995

After telephone interview, there's a first video conference. This method helps companies to see applicants face to face.

In 2005

The next evolution is Youtube, enable video CV.


Video interview for remote hiring. TikTok assignment to show your skills in 15-30 seconds.

That's all for the CV and interview styles evolution. How about HR nowadays? Human capital is  focusing on assessment testing and skill-based interview.

Direct the CV like you are directing your career. Make the job interview like your first date. You also need to prepare yourself before getting hired. Make a preparation in your CV and interview session.

Here's some tips for you to prepare yourself before become a professional!

  • Prioritize goals carefully
  • Gain practical experience
  • Maintain online presence
  • Do network
  • Seek an adviser

We will guide you to find the most suitable career, bring your potential to the table, enhance your credibility, and know your skills that professionals needs!

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