CV webinar

CV Webinar with YOT Purwokerto

CV Webinar

CV Webinar was held On October 18, 2020, by Bright Internships and a collaboration with YOT Purwokerto with the topic: "CV: What company looks in you" through a zoom meeting. Thanks to the moderator from the YOT Purwokerto team for helping us, Agistin Nur.

The speaker, Ms. Florensia (CEO of Bright Internships) in this webinar, told us the difference between a resume and CV, what should be written in the resume, and many more tips that we should know.

This webinar was attended by hundreds of participants who actively asked questions : how to write an interesting CV, how to write a CV for a scholarship program, etc. Besides attended by college students, this webinar also attended by high school students that commonly didn't know the difference between resume, CV, and portfolio. If brighterns frequently attend our webinar, brighterns will get much knowledge already about a resume. but it is never too late to learn! For brighterns who have more questions about resume, please check Bright Internships' Instagram Highlight story "#QnACareer" or contact us.

Thanks to all the participants who helped this webinar to be as great as ever. We all had fun in our 1.5 hours together on this webinar. We hope to see you again in another webinar. Also, thanks to all the media partners that collaborate with us to spread this impressive webinar. We hope to see you again in another webinar.

CV webinar

Did you miss the opportunity to join this CV webinar?
Don't worry, Bright Internships will hold many useful webinars in the future. Also, in November, Bright Internships will host a webinar and time management workshop.
Stay updated on our social media, we will have interesting talk shows with outsiders to discuss how they manage their time.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.