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Far From Home: Nice or Scary?

Going abroad is really fun. We can discover more things that we had never seen before, try some delicious foods, learn new culture, explore new places and many more. Going abroad during holiday will last for one or two weeks, but have you ever lived abroad for a long time? Let’s say for 2 month or more? Actually there will be some stages that will happen to you when you are far from home. You will not realise it in the short time but it will happen during your long stay. Here are some problems that you will face while living abroad for a long time.

1. Far From Home Problem: The Excitement to Explore

Far From Home Problem: The Honeymoon Phase

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This phase called “The Honeymoon Phase”. Why? Because you will feel so happy just in time you arrive in your new destination. You will be more enthusiastic if you never visit the country before. You are willing to go out and explore as much as you can. Go out early and ome back late will be your habit.


2. Far From Home Problem: Homesick

Far From Home: Home Sick

Not so long after you feel all the excitement, you will feel the real culture shock. You start to find out something that isn’t you and your culture and it can be really shocking. It’s like all the happy time is gone and you are left alone in sorrow. You will feel lonely, bored, desperate and start to looking for your dearest (parents/brother/sister/best friends). In this phase, the one who can save you is just yourself. Here are some tips how to beat homesick.

3. Far From Home Problem: Adjustment Stage

Far From Home Problem: Adjustment Stage

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You know, you can’t just stay all day in your room and be in your bed. As you understand the differences, your instinct will start to guide you to solve this problem. Your instinct will build up a new spirit that push you to blend and adjust with the new culture. You will feel better as soon as you can understand and see things from different side.


4. Far From Home Problem: Adaptation Stage

Far From Home Problem: Adapted Stage

If you come to this stage, congratulation. You made it! You can overcome your home sick problems. In this stage you will feel comfortable to live in two different cultures. You will get back all the excitement to be in new place. The most important, don’t forget to come back home.


So what do you think about being far from home? Having an internship abroad might sound so scarry. If you never get out from your comfort zone, you’ll never know how is it like. Take a deep breathe, be brave and go explore the world. Bright Internships professional team will help you to solve your home sick problems. As we are your second family abroad, don’t hesitate to contact us. Drop us message and we will help you to make your internship runs well.