Five of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Japan


We already have done a similar list for Indonesia. Now it is time for us to present five of the most beautiful places to visit in Japan. Pretty hard task: Japan has been a fascinating country for centuries. Every single city seems unique and worth seeing.

1) Hokkaido

Meaning "The path to the northern sea", Hokkaido is also the northest region of Japan. Although in the same lattitude as France, temperature is much colder in winter. Snow covers everything from November to April.
Volcanoes and small mountains are common. They emerge from the white and grey landscape in winter to draw a mesmerizing horizon. The sea surrounding is not less beautiful, wild and cold.
The main city, Sapporo, is especially worth visiting in February during the famous Yukimatsuri, a festival dedicated to ice sculptures. Take time to drink a beer before one of them, while eating crab delicacies.

2) Matsushima

Matsushima ("Pine Islands") is a bay covered in small islands located on the eastern coast, near Sendai. The bay is famously named by the author Hayashi as one of the three typical landscapes of Japan.
Imagine yourself on a small sailboat, floating between the islands  in a summer evening, the warm wind breeze on your skin. I bet you would feel truly alive. Don't miss Matsushima if traveling in Japan!



3) Okinawa

Far from Sapporo, Okinawa is the warmest place in Japan. For a good reason: Okinawa is a small archipelago at the same latitude as Taiwan, far away from the four main islands. You can swim in warm waters along whales while admiring fantastic sunsets. You can sleep on the beach and contemplate the stars. You can organize a giant barbecue at Okinawan Village. You can also walk through the jungle and get bitten by a habu snake. Be careful!
Okinawan people are extremely welcoming and their culture is worth the trip. Their songs can draw you tears. The most typical emblems of the region are the Shiisa (lion statues guarding every home), the sanshin/shamisen (local guitar made with snake skin) and the awamori (local liquor).

4) Kyushu

Kyushu is one of the four main islands in Japan, alongside Honshu, Shikoku and Hokkaido. The climate on the island is very pleasant. You can visit there the city of Kagoshima, very famous for its landscape (a volcano just next to the sea), the peaceful countryside, or the mountains.

5) Kyoto

Kyoto is a great sum up of Japanese culture. It seems that there are more temples and shrines in Kyoto than in the rest of the country combined. Especially attractive is the eastern part of the city, near the Gion area. Try to wander in the evening alongside the Kamogawa river, and stop in a small restaurant to eat Fugu. If you are brave enough, you can also venture in the forest nearby. Your internship in Kyoto will be incredible.

Doing an internship in Japan is a great opportunity to discover the country - and those five beautiful places. If you are ready to try the adventure, just send us a message!