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Five of the most beautiful places to visit in Vietnam

Vietnam is located in the eastern part of the Indochinese peninsula - a region of relative cultural homogeneity, with Thai-Kadai and Austroasian ancestry. Tourism in Vietnam has grown significantly over the past few years... at right: the country is rich of beautiful landscapes and meaningful history, that keeps attracting western visitors. Today's top five is dedicated to hidden gems in Vietnam.

1) Non Nuoc Village (Vietnam)

Created in the XVIIIth century by an artisan in Western Vietnam, this village is famous for its specialization in marble sculptures - which you can find anywhere. Many locals specialize in the carving (or modelling) of those original works of art.
From dragon statues to laughing Buddhas, using white, black or brown stone, the diversity of figures present there offer a peculiar colorful view.

2) Fansipan mountain (Vietnam)

Fansipan mountain is with 3143m the highest peak in the Indochinese peninsula. Although much smaller than its Himalayan cousins, Fansipan is also more accessible for hiking, and the view not less grandiose. If you arrive at the top of the mountain at down, the rising sun will shine over a cover of clouds in an unforgettable manner. But before this beautiful reward, there is a long way to go!


3) Hang Nga "Crazy House" (Vietnam)

This guesthouse was developed by a Vietnamese architect, and its name is appropriate. From outside as from inside, peculiar curved walls welcome visitors. Nature is also fully integrated in the work of Nga: flowers and wood branches are mixed with the rest of the building.
Each room in the house has an animal for theme, from eagle to kangaroo, which ads excentricity to the experience.

4) Ba Vi national park

If what attracts you most when you visit a foreign country is nature, the Ba Vi national park is the right place for you. Less than 50km west from Hanoi, the area is composed of hills and forests with a diverse tropical flora and fauna.  Three mountain summits covered in humid steam surround the rainforest. You can find a Spa resort at the bottom to relax from the dense daily life in the capital city. Between wild green sceneries and old mystical temples (you can even find a church), a trip to Ba Vi is a true spiritual journey.

5) Suoi Tien theme park

After a long trip throughout the country, from the top of the Fansipan mountain to Ba Vi, you may want to finally relax. This can be the occasion to enjoy the first buddhist waterpark in the world. Suoi Tien looks very similar to other leisure parks... although religious imagery is largely used in the area. Having buddha statues watching your bathing may be disturbing at first, but you will soon enjoy the specificity of the Suoi Tien theme park.
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