Internship Scholarship

Happy Birthday to Bright Internships! Internship Scholarship available!

September 15th is the day when Bright Internships has officially assisted you for 5 years. If we can share our 5 years experiences to you, the most memorable memory is when we did something unusual or out of our comfort zone. Have you ever tried something different from your usual activity? It can be as simple as taking different routes to your destination, wearing different clothing styles, or probably waking up earlier to exercise. All of those words sound simple, but it allows you to experience things differently. You may learn something from that, you probably like your new route, or you probably learn that the new style isn't for you! Do you want to find a new experience? Let's join our internship scholarship program for this year's anniversary giveaway.

During this year, we’re facing a huge milestone: Covid-19.

But it is our choice to give up or to grow from it. Even during the dark, we're still able to to shine bright and light the way for you. These are the compilation of our presents for you, our stakeholder, this year.


Virtual Internships

Yes, it's actually possible to do an internships via online. As long as there is a device, connection, and motivation, everything is possible!

internship scholarship


Through the campaigns, we encourage Brighterns to upgrade themselves with knowledge, skills, and experiences. Covid-19 may force us to do self-quarantine, but it shouldn't stop us to be a better version of ourselves!


New Home

Home is where our heart is. This year, we carry our home in our heart and work from home. But, we have prepared a new, bigger, and more comfortable home to work as soon as the pandemic is over. Curious? Watch our social media to know more!


International & Local Relationships

Even if we have to do a social distancing, it doesn't mean we stop to connect with others. We have built relationships and learned together with our friends, education institutions, corporates, and international friends in Australia, China, even India! We will keep continue to break through our limit and beyond to present you the best.


Internship Scholarship

Bright Internships also held a giveaway, internship scholarship that you have the chance to get a full scholarship for an Indonesia internship, a partial scholarship for a virtual internship with a Korean host company, and 10 free passes for online career class. Check our Instagram @BrightInternships! Do you have any question about the internship program? Don't hesitate to contact us.