have not found a job

Have not Found a Job?

Quarter life crisis "have not found a job" - how insecure are you?

What do you think about "still have not found a job" in your 25th years old?

Why have not found a job? Because of pandemic outbreak? Competitive job market? Lack of experience? Or simply unfortunate.

Just because you have not found a job, do not be too hard on yourself. Stop comparing your life to others. Do not be too overwhelmed with the quarter life crisis.

These are some tips for those who are still struggling to find an opportunity.

Re-check your resume or CV

have not found a job

We will give you some tips and trick to build your resume or CV. Resume or CV has a vital role towards a great opportunity! Make sure to make your resume or CV well and in accordance with HR standards.

  • Include personal information
  • Include professional or others experience 
  • Have a proper profile picture
  • Consice and neat

Gain More Skills

Since the pandemic, there are many online class that you can access. You can join those class and gain more knowledge and experience from e-learning. Various classes from education platform, you can choose what classes you are interested. These are top 5 of soft skills that you need before entering workforce:

  • Communication
  • Copywriting
  • Negotiation
  • Leadership
  • Time management

Evaluate your online presence

have not find a job

Have you ever thought that one day there will be a company or a recruiter who approach you to offer an opportunity just by seeing your online presence? Make sure your sosial media is stand out and present the best version of you! Nowadays, many young people build their online personal branding through social media such as LinkedIn, or even TikTok. With TikTok, you can give the best 15-30 seconds of your online presence.

Do Networking

Do not hesitate to reach out to your old friend, relatives, some professional workers on LinkedIn and many more. Get in touch with them and find a new opportunity that provide a win-win solution for both of you. You also can do networking by join online class. Within that class, you will also have a group chat that sharing about knowledge and many information that useful.

Get an internship

If you have a precious internship experience, that would be even greater! Your past internship will not only build your resume or CV, but also allow you to reconect with your colleague and have a wider your network. 

Keep fighting and do not give up. Everyone has their own time, just do the best to achieve something that you want. Here's a quote from Michelle Obama to encourage your spirit "Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own"

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