From A Home to An Office

Turning your home to a private office

Since work from home is now being held everywhere, it is important for us to make a comfortable environment to work inside our house. Working or doing your virtual internship in a place where your family or relatives’ lives can be a challenge sometimes. One minute we are working, the next will be kids coming in and out of your working space. Or maybe someone is turning the TV volume too loud, there are lots of possibilities and noises. Those things can affect our productivity during work. How can we manage to set up a private office at our home? There are a few tips such as:

  • Choose a room or a corner in your house and set it to be your personal space meaning that people can’t come in and out as the please. Set the rules!
  • Pick out decorations and furniture. Set out tables, cabinets, bookcases, chair, sofa (if you ever need to nap), table lamps, and much more. If you are confused with what to have on your office, look for references online. There are so much inspiration to see from there.
  • Get some aromatics and greenery! Why? Because some scents can really bring up the passion in you, it can make you focus, more relaxed, motivated, and much things. And, plants can make you feel refreshed too!
  • Hide the things you don’t want to look at such as cable cords and things that doesn’t make you comfortable when you look at them.


Home office should be a place where you can get your creative juice at. It should be comfortable and motivating enough for you to go throughout your day working or doing virtual internship. We’ve seen lots of students and workers have their own private corner for working and interning, and we think you can do it too! Post your office and tag us on our Instagram!