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Hospitality Internship Placement

Hospitality internship is one of the most popular industries in various destinations!

Hospitality internship is one of the industries that growing rapidly in various countries, especially in the Maldives, France, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

As one of the most popular industries for internship, there are also some popular available positions for hospitality internship.

Food & Beverage Service

hospitality internship

This discipline service involves ordering, storing, and managing food and beverage products in a hospitality service. 

Front Office

hospitality internship

Front office department is the face of hospitality establishment. In this department, you will be responsible for assisting with the booking, assigning rooms, maintaining guest records, book keeping, and managing day-to-day account.


hospitality internship

Recreation is one of the crucial parts in the hospitality industry. The department will be responsible for any activities that people do for resting and relaxation. They also arrange the package tour to several attraction places.

Culinary Art

hospitality internship

Culinary Arts' skill and techniques related to kitchen department. There are basic skills you will need to be efficient when handling various types of foods and preparing dishes for the guests.


hospitality internship

Hospitality marketing is all about the way to promote the products and services to the customers. Do not forget to highlight the food and beverage, accommodations facilities, tourism, and travel.

Guest Service

hospitality internship

Taking care of the customer is the heart of the hospitality business. Doing so means understanding and anticipating what the customer needs to prepare a quality service that is required in all of the operation, its people, and its pain.


hospitality internship

The housekeeping department is a crucial part of the hotel business. Housekeeping staff essential tasks are to keep the hotel running smoothly, and a housekeeping job can be a great launchpad for a successful and fulfilling career in hotel management.

Those are the most popular hospitality internship placement.

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