How to Choose Your Dream Internship Abroad Destination

How to Choose Your Internship Abroad Destination

The first step in organising your internship is, of course, to ask yourself what industry and role you would like to work in. This may take some time to think about your desired position but it’s okay. Try to think outside of the box and brainstorm less obvious options. We often have more choices available to us than we first expect, so it is a good idea to take the time to consider all of your options before moving to the next step.

The next big step to choose the right internship abroad destination – and there is a lot to consider in this process. Firstly, your chosen industry is going to be the biggest factor in determining which city you intern in. There is no point in interning in a city that doesn’t offer the right opportunities or roles that you are looking for. Researching the biggest companies in your chosen field and seeing where their offices are located is a great start in deciding which city to choose.

It might be the case that your chosen field is quite diverse and you have many cities available to you. In that case your budget is likely to be the main factor in determining what city you choose for your internship. Obviously, the larger your budget, the more options you will have available – but this doesn’t mean that just because you have a smaller budget that you won’t have the same opportunities available to you. You need to be realistic about your lifestyle and your expectations – you will need to buy food the whole time you are interning, after all!

Doing internship abroad is also your opportunity to explore new country and culture so try to think that internship abroad destination that you want to discover. It doesn’t have to be an exotic country as you may not be able to be used to the culture and work changes. Begin with a country bordering or close to your country.

If you still have any hesitation regarding your internship abroad destination, you can find more about popular internship abroad destination or simply contact us. We are ready to help you to brainstorm through a consultation!