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How to Cure Cough

How to cure cough? Try effective cough method. In some cases of cough with phlegm, they have difficulty spitting up phlegm. As a result, phlegm can not be removed. This could be because the way you cough is wrong. Let's learn how to cough effectively for maximum phlegm expenditure with minimal energy.

How is effective cough?

Often when we cough, phlegm can not come out perfectly even though already cough so hard. Frequently the cough we do just makes the chest feel painful. In fact, coughing too often does not guarantee that the airway can be cleared maximally. Effective cough is a coughing technique that is done by maintaining energy efficiency to excrete phlegm maximally. As a result, phlegm can come out with minimal energy. Usually, nurses teach this to COPD patients with a diagnosis of airway ineffectiveness. An effective cough is always accompanied by deep breathing techniques to maximize lung expansion. The aim of this technique is to increase lung expansion, secrete secretions (phlegm, phlegm, sputum), and prevent side effects from accumulation of secretions

effective cough

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Although effective cough is good for expectoration, there are contraindications that need to be considered. Not all cases of cough with phlegm can be given an effective coughing action. If you are treated, consult your nurse first whether effective coughing can help you,

What are the contraindications?

> Tension pneumothorax

> Coughing up blood

> Pulmonary swelling

> Broad pleural effusion

First understand the history of the disease being suffered. In addition, in some cases of cardiovascular disorders, such as severe hypertension, effective coughing should not be done

So how do you cough effectively?

  • Make sure you are prescribed phlegm-thinning medication beforehand.

The cough medicine that you receive from the doctor works to thin the thickened phlegm. As a result, coughing will actually be more firm because the phlegm starts to melt

  • Drink warm water

Cough medicine is a pre-action before coughing is effective. After finishing taking the medicine, immediately prepare warm water and drink one glass of it.

  • Prepare a place to expel phlegm

Take a plastic cup or basin, then fill the basin with soap / detergent water and disinfectant liquid. Phlegm must be issued there. After the phlegm is successfully removed, dispose of the phlegm-filled fluid in the toilet and flush. That's the ideal way to get rid of phlegm. If you are not at home, remove phlegm using closed tissue and throw it in the trash. When the disposal site is ready, effective coughing can be done.



1. Sit on a chair / edge of the mattress with your back slightly leaning forward.

2. Put your hand just below the last rib line.

3. Breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth 3 times.

4. At the last breath (fourth breath), hold your breath for 2-3 seconds.

5. On the count of three when holding your breath, cough violently using the abdominal muscles and the accessory muscles of breathing with the mouth slightly open three times. Make sure the mouth is open and the cough must be SHORT and SHARP. Sounds that will sound like "HAH .. HAH .. HAH". The first cough will release phlegm, the second and third cough will expel phlegm.

6. Sit, rest, and breathe slowly through your nose.


Please avoid breathe quickly through your mouth after you have done an effective cough. The goal is that phlegm does not go back into the airway.


original indonesian version written by Ns. Rizal do.