How An Internship In China Changed My Life

It is no longer a secret that nowadays most of the top companies look for new talents with new ideas and great experiences. But as fresh graduates, we still have no professional experiences, right?
Joining a lot of university activities might help us but, to be honest, it is not enough. One activity which can help boosting your professional experiences is doing an internship. As one of the most important keys to compete in this era, an internship will help you a lot when applying for a job. HR will most likely consider us more since we already have working experiences. It is said that an internship is a valuable chance and invetsment.
My first time going abroad was the time I did an internship-abroad program. It was in early 2018 when I flew to Shanghai, China and learnt how to work in an event planning and management company.
It was quite hard at the beginning. I needed to prepare the resume, cover letter, and practice for the interview. I got rejected at first and it made me feel so down. I was scared and I could feel I started losing hope. But with the right assistance, I finally found the best host company that suited me.
I have to say that my internship abroad is the best experience I have had. The benefit that I got from my internship program include being independent since I had to take care for myself, improving my English and Chinese speaking skills, and making a lot of new international friends and connections. Last but not least, I got a short holiday every weekends!
I was able to learn the Chinese working culture and enjoy Shanghai’s beautiful places and delicious foods. For me, doing an internship abroad is like working while holiday-ing! The greatest return that I received after doing internship abroad is that I got a job offer a few weeks after finishing my bachelor degree. Furthermore, it is the company that asked me to join them which was beyond my expectation!
As a conclusion, my internship abroad experience was a thrilling adventure that comes with the breath-taking view. Though I hope my story can inspire you, I don’t want you to just believe in my story. I want you to experience it yourself.
Here’s an advice: when an opportunity comes to you, the first thing you have to do is to take it before other people do. The same opportunity will never come twice. Frankly speaking, it is not about “I can do it or not,” but “I want it or not.” It is okay if you feel you need a professional assistance to help you find the most suitable internship abroad (like me!). Just contact Bright Internships and they will gladly assist you.

I  heard that absolutely nothing comes from nothing, but I have never heard that something came from nothing. Dare to dream and be brave enough to make your dream comes true.