make good impression

How to Make a Good Impression

Make good impression is important before create a beneficial relationships with other. Making a beneficial relationship for both parties is common in the business world. This relationship can also be utilized in the future when needed. Of course, you can negotiate so that both parties reach a win-win solution. You can also build the first impression of the various situations. How to make good impression? you can try this various ways:

Selling product

You must pay attention to be politely: say please, and thank you, speaking condescendingly or making unpleasant faces. Instead, answering questions and solving problems promptly with a friendly disposition, conversing using the customer's name during the dialogue, smiling, and showing interest in the person creates an impression of warmth, concern, and trust.


Be Friendly, always smiling is the key to connect with clients and other people.


Making a phone calls with people to promote a product/service is quite hard if you are not used to do that. You will need more practice to mastered the telephone skiil. You can try to play with intonation, pitch, etc when communicating with clients on the phone. This has been discussed in the Soft Skill Online Training class with topic Basic Selling Skill that was held by Bright Internships in 9/7/20.

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make good impression

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In a good presentation, you have to master the product and leave a positive impression that your product/service is the solution the client needs to solve their problem. Besides training before D-Day, you must also master your product / service. Interested in learning more about how to good presentations to attract clients? Join our soft Skill online class program for more information contacts us by email or social media.