international career training

International Career Training

International Career Training Webinar and Workshop

International career training webinar with the theme: "Launch Your International Career" is held by Bright Internships on 8 and 15 October 2020. Thanks to our PR coordinator as the moderator for helping us in this webinar, Ms. Aulia Juli.

This webinar was attended by active participants who asked unique questions in the both session. The speaker, Ms. Florensia (CEO of Bright Internships) is accompanied by Mr. Adrian Bliensky as International Business Advisor that give tips and trick to apply in international corporate refer to his personal experience, 

During the both workshop session, the participants' resume have already given feedback and a spontaneous interview simulation was held in English. The participants were doing really well, although this was spontaneous. Ms. Florensia and Mr. Adrian also gave suggestions to improve the participants' answers, so they will be ready when do the real interview. This international career training webinar is not only attended by students but also by workers who want to improve their interview skills to advance their career path.

Thanks to all the participants who enthusiasm and helped this webinar to be as great as ever. We hope to see you again in another webinar. Also, thanks to all the medias partner and ticketing medias that usually collaborates with us.

international career training

Did you miss the opportunity to join this international career training webinar? Don't worry, Bright Internships will hold another career training and soft skill webinar.
In November, Bright Internships will host a webinar and time management workshop. Stay updated on our social media, we will have interesting talk shows with outsiders to discuss how they manage their time.

Besides career training webinar and workshop, Bright Internships also can help you to improve your resume and interview skills. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.