Internship abroad: Why you keep getting rejected

Despite having sent hundreds of applications for an internship position, you keep getting rejected. You can't figure out what you should do to change that. We propose a list of possible reasons why you can't get an internship abroad.


Job too high for you

You ask too much for your profile. Maybe you only apply to paid internships whereas you don’t have any relevant work experience yet. Build some experience first - even if they are boring, you can make them look great on your CV. That’s how everyone ever started.

Duration of the internship

The duration you ask for doesn’t match the company's expectations. Most companies prefer longer internships.

Following up with your application

You don’t follow up. Not only when it comes to applying for a job, following up is important. You obtain more answers after a second email than after the first one. Why is that? Because people feel compelled to answer NOW when they realize they forgot to do so in the first place. When it comes to internship applications, you shouldn’t give up before getting at least one answer (even a no is better than nothing). Follow-up per email and phone aggressively.

Internship visa problems

The visa might be the problem. Many companies don’t want to bother with drafting the visa paperwork for you. If that is the case, you might want to consider applying for the internship program of a specialized agency.



A few tips:

Looking for an internship abroad as a foreign student can be an advantage

As a foreign student, you have got one advantage: your native language. Especially if you are Spanish, French, German, Chinese, or English native, this will be an asset in some cases. Say a Japanese company is looking for a native French speaker intern in Tokyo - as a French person, you will be just the right match.

Target startups

Another thing to consider is targeting startups with a spontaneous application. Expect the internship to be unpaid and rather short, but those smaller companies will be more open to offer you a position. You can look for startups to target on job boards specialized in internships abroad.

When rejected, ask why

When rejected, answer with a thank you and ask for an explanation - is that your experience, CV, profile, (lacking) skills? The least they can do is help you with that.

Ask for help!

Last but not least, try to get some help from a company specialized in internship abroad programs. It can save you a lot of time and effort.
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