An Internship in Asia Will Turbocharge Your Career

An internship in Asia will turbocharge your career

For a long time, the Western hemisphere composed of the USA and a few European countries dominated the global economy. With the rise of the four dragons (Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore) then of China, this seemingly uncontested position started to be threatened by Asia. The Chinese economy will in a few years catch up with the United States. Some specialists predict that in 2050, three of the four world's biggest economies will be Asian (with India and Indonesia catching up).

The world's center of gravity seems to have shifted to the China see, between Singapore and Shanghai. As most of the international trade transits in the region, the geopolitical implications are also heavy. Any conflict there would largely impact the international economy. The recent actions of China in the region - building military bases on nominal islands to increase their reach - put an emphasis on the high value of this territory.




Despite that, the continent remains highly attractive. As a westerner, starting your career in the region early on by doing an internship in Asia can provide you with a useful network. While China or Japan are already attracting a certain number of western professionals, other countries remain underrated. If you choose to be one of the first foreigners to develop your career in countries such as Indonesia or South Korea, the opportunities available to you will be numerous.

A great way to make that first step is through an internship. In Indonesia, for example, it is possible to do an internship with a social-cultural visa. While the position with such a visa will be unpaid, you can be provided benefits, such as accommodation in the country. It is much easier to start early than to move later in Asia. After a first student position, you will already have created a strong network which is useful for the future.


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