Internship in China - 5 of the Most Different Landscapes to See

The superficy of China is hard to fathom for a European. Stretching from Vladivostok to Islamabad, the country is home to a wide range of cultures, languages and landscapes. In the north, a warm and dry desert covers most of the territory. In the south-east, the highest mountains in the world close the border with India. In the east, the warm waters of the chinese sea carry the busiest maritime trade area in the world. With so many different sceneries, which one should you visit first? We propose a list of the five most diverse landscapes to see when doing an internship in China.

1) Yunnan

Meaning "in the south of the clouds", the Yunnan region is located at the extreme southern part of the country, bordering Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. It is famous for its diverse population and landscapes. Peaks covered in snow, rice terraces, or small typical cities (such as Lijiang) make the region worth visiting.



2) Tibet

Tibet has a history and culture quite different from the rest of chinese provinces. The region consists in the highest inhabited plateau in the world, with an average height of 4900m. It is naturally isolated by three different mountain ranges from the rest of the continent.
The cultural and religious capital, Lhassa, is the heartbeat of the region - and maybe the place the most worth visiting in Tibet. The city has been built over the centuries around the famous Potala palace, sourrounded by mounts covered in eternal snow. Between human typical architecture and grandiose landscape, your trip in Lhassa will be memorable.

3) Shanghai

Shanghai is considered to be the financial center of Asia - playing a more and more important role compared to London and New York, its western equivalents. Far from the peaceful and cold landscape of Tibet, try to take a stroll at the Bund and its famous view on skyscrapers. You will have the impression to be in the center of China, between Beijing and Hong Kong. If you wish to relax a little and enjoy nature again, you should go to the Yu garden, considered to be one of the most elegant in China.




4) Gobi Desert


With a landscape that reminds of northern Africa, the Gobi desert is a large dry area between southern Mongolia and northern China. It has little to do with the conception Europeans usually have of a typical Chinese landscape, and is therefore so intriguing. Between the famous Chinese Great Wall and the vast mongolian steppes, you will have in the Gobi desert a sense of majestic nature shared with historical meaning.

5) Chengdu

When you ask westerners about what city they know in China, most will tell you "Beijing and Shanghai". Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chonqing, remain unknown - although they are enormous.
Chengdu is a huge city with an urban area composed of 18 million inhabitants. The place is a beautiful mix between tradition and modernity. As a fast-growing city, Chengdu will probably become one of the most important hubs in Asia in the years to come.

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