internship in seoul

Internship in Seoul

Most wanted job positions: internship in Seoul

Internship in Seoul is special, why is it? Because Seoul is a special city and for your information South Korea well known as Ginseng country.

internship in seoul

Seoul is the largest metropolis of South Korea, also the world's 4th largest metropolitan economy in 2014 after Tokyo, New York City, and Los Angeles. In Seoul, you can see and feel mixed traditional and modernization.

We will discuss about the most wanted internship job positions in Seoul.

Graphic Design

Who doesn't know that South Korea is all about creativity? This industry will make a real potential difference in every project that you involve. As a graphic designer, you are always in demand. The opportunity will knock the door itself for you!

Marketing Communication

This industry also has a connecting dots with Graphic Design. Marketing communication's project includes advertising, direct marketing, branding, packaging, your online presence, sales, sponsorships, and many more.


The education industry is a vast varied one, playing a significant role in countries around the world. The skills you need to blend in this education world are communication, creativity, emotional intelligence, and adaptability to this fast-paced and changeable environment.


Journalism is a forever and always perceived as a lucratic industry. With journalism, it is not only publish some news, but it will also teaches you "the how and the why to communicate"

Business Development

"Business Development Executive", "Manager of Business Development", etc, are all impressive job titles often heard in business organizations. Business development consist of a wide scope of ideas, activities, and initiatives to implement the goal of making the business better.

Information Technology

We are in the 21st century and today everything's about technology. Benefits of technology include increased productivity in many work-related and personal tasks. Besides, this industry has a variety of choices, flexible work style, and always in demand.

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