Internship Abroad | Photo by Jordan Sanchez

Internships Abroad: Expenses or Investment?

Everyone dreaming of getting an opportunity to go abroad, whether it is for holiday, working, or study purpose. Nowadays, internships abroad are increasingly popular. What is that for? How much doest it costs? Is it really necessary? Is it really worth it?


Hey there, I want to tell you something. I am proud to say, that an internship abroad is really a worth-to-take opportunity. Why? Having an international working experience gives us a better chance to get our dream job. I think I am one of the lucky ones who had a chance of going abroad for an internship. But hold on, wait a minute. Doing an internship abroad isn’t as easy as breathing for everyone. Some of us face many problems when it comes to experiences abroad. Let’s take a look at some examples below:

Arguing With Parents for an Internship Abroad



“Internship abroad is expensive, really wasting money”

“Why should I do an internship abroad when I can do it in my country?”

“As long as the university requirement is fulfilled, it is enough”

“I will live alone and far from my family, friends and relatives, I don’t think that I can make it”


Let’s talk about this. Have you ever heard about those kind of sentences? It can be from your parents, friends, relatives, or maybe your most loved one.

I’m asking this personally, do you think doing an internship abroad is a wasting money-activity? Well, it's okay if you think like that but personally I don’t think this way. It’s a fact that the cost for an internship abroad is not cheap. Okay, it’s pretty expensive and I can’t deny this fact. But, have you ever imagined the benefit of doing an internship abroad? Think about the long run. Here are some reasons why internships abroad are really worth it.

  • Doing internships abroad can make your curriculum vitae and cover letters more attractive.

  • Recruiters will give you more attention, since you are having a competitive advantage.

  • You will be more familiar with working culture, especially international working culture.

  • You will have international friends and connections. (This one is helpful for doing business. Trust me)


Actually, it is just our mindset that becomes our barrier for making our dreams come true. Here are some tips and tricks for you to plan your internship abroad. The most important, if you don’t have any channel or link to go abroad, you need a consultation from experts. Bright Internships is here to make your internship dream come true. With more than 30 destinations for your internship project. Feel free to send us a message, we will gladly answer all your questions.