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Internships Experience Webinar with UNS Fintech Center

Internships experience is important. Mr. Ariady, Director of Strategic Partnerships from Bright Internships and Prof. Wawan Gunawan from Institut Teknologi Bandung as the speaker has explained the reason in the webinar on October 16 which was held by the Universitas Sebelas Maret fintech center.

In this internships webinar, Prof. Wawan Gunawan gave insight into the current Indonesia education curriculum that was made by Indonesia Education Minister, Mr. Nadiem Makarim about why an internships experience is important instead of spending your time in college just learn about the theory. It's better for millennials to practice from the theory that already learned before they go to the real world. Mr. Ariady also told us about the technology development and why we should adopt faster by doing an internship to compete with the rest of the world.

This webinar was attended by active participants who asked questions, which is: when is the right time to do an internship? what should I choose, final assessment, or internship at the same time? do I need a high GPA grade to do the internship? etc.

internships experience

Thanks to all the participants who helped this webinar to be as great as ever. We all had fun in our 1.5 hours together on this internships experience webinar. We hope to see you again in another webinar. Also, thanks to all the media partners that collaborate with us to spread this impressive webinar. We hope to see you again in another webinar.

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