Introverts Guide to Networking

Introverts guide to networking by professionals

Whether you like it or not, networking is almost inevitable. This could be a scary realization if you’re an introvert. But with enough preparation and practice, you’ll soon be able to networking comfortably. Try on these introverts guide to networking by professionals to practice your networking skill and care less on what others think.

introverts guide to networking

Remember that Everyone There Wants to Meet You

Darrah Brustein, a consultant and entrepreneur, explained that the beauty of networking events is that everyone is there to meet new people, and that includes you. Unlike at a bar or a party, there is no need to feel insecure or self-conscious because simply by being there, attendees are letting you know that they are interested in meeting new people. Let that be a helpful reminder for you as you make eye contact with someone and introduce yourself.

Give Cut-Off Times

No need to force yourself to be in the event from the beginning ‘till the end. John Rampton, an entrepreneur and founder of Calendar, advises to set a specific time during the event that you can leave. If the event goes for three hours, tell yourself that after one hour you can leave, but during that hour you are the most extroverted person in the room. You only have to do this for 60 minutes, so go do it!

Plan Ahead

Introverts might not good at spontaneous things so it’s better to plan ahead. Simon Casuto, the founder of Ed Tech, suggests figuring out what you want to talk about ahead of time and prepare as much as you can. Choose three topics you feel very comfortable discussing and use them as ice breakers. 

introverts guide to networking

Introduce Yourself to Someone

You need to take action, of course. Even so, Eric Schaumburg, an entrepreneur, explained that you don’t need to worry about what you should say next or perfecting your elevator pitch. Allow conversation to happen organically. Ask others about themselves and what they do, or ask questions that are fun to answer.

Find a Networking Wingperson

Doug Bend, a lega counsel for entrepreneurs, said that it can be helpful to have that “wingperson.”  Together, you can naturally draw others into your conversation. This is particularly true if your networking wingperson is knowledgeable about an industry you are unfamiliar with. If nothing else, the event will provide you with an opportunity to get to know your networking wingperson better.

The professionals above can give you advice on introverts guide to networking, but you still need to practice and take action. With Bright internships, we will provide you networking events as well as student communities during your internships. This will surely can be a place to practice and enhance your networking skill. Plus, our local staff can be your wingperson!

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