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Investment Recommendation for College Student

Young age is not an obstacle for students to making money, besides the part-time, you can also set aside your money to save or invest. These investments have a variety of forms of finance and personal development. Investments are certainly made for prosperity in the future. The following are forms of colleger investment recommendation that can be done:


Gols is the number one of investment recommendation. Set aside your savings by buying gold. Gold keeps the price of the money you have and can be used as an emergency fund if you need it. Buy it in a trusted place that has been watched by financial institutions. Compare each place for admin fees and disbursement fees. If the purchase price of gold is down it's the right time for you to invest. Aim for gold bars, not gold jewelry because gold jewelry more often drops in price


This can only be done by those who are experts and are willing to bet. It needs the experience to analyze what stocks are profitable. You need more money to plant shares than gold. Look for more information before deciding to invest in shares so that you don't incur a lot of loss if the price of the stock you buy falls.

investment recommendation

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Career / soft skill online class

Self development is also a investment recommendation. Develop yourself by attending various online classes that you need. There are many soft skills that you can learn to support your work later. have enough soft skills to be able to make yourself competitive in the workforce. Career class for brainstorming yourself to be aware of how the world will work.


Why? Because internships can add to your experience in the field that you apply. Apart from that, you can also get useful connections in the future. Recruiters prefer those who are fresh graduates but already have experience. Enter into cv and your CV will look more attractive to recruiters.

Have you already invested in any forms above? Well, that is a good start. Want to get the internship information? please contact us.