Leader or Boss?

You are a boss or a leader?

Do you know the difference between a boss and a leader? In a leadership style, there is no perfect way when it comes to managing the people.But when you ask how to improve leadership skills, let's find out what makes Steve Jobs become a great leader.

1.Empowering and leading

As the leader, it is important to "walk the talk." What is it mean? It means that you have to do it first, be an example to everyone so they can copy what you do and understand more of what you want your group to be. Example !! Example !! Example!!

2.Think outside of the box

Yes, this is important to not just think based on what you want or know. With so many decisions, employees, and even problems that will come your way later, you have to take extraordinary steps to make your team even better.

3.Innovate and passionate

Steve Jobs didn't change technology; he changed the world. This is what we should emulate. Look for something that can bring your company to have an impact not only on you but on the wider community and the world.

4. Creativity: Connecting the dots

Business is not something that will be finished at one point. It will continue to grow, develop and expand according to the times. For this reason, you also have to be creative to contact the points in your business so that it can continue to grow and be profitable.

5. Selective hiring people

This is not talking about how great the company has the number of employees but more towards quality. Why? You can accept anyone into your company, but not everyone has the same vision, mission, and what you and your company set. So, smart in choosing the right person.