Lifehack: How To Make Your Shoes Waterproof

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It has been heavy rain season in Indonesia, almost every day is pouring rain, at night, noon, or even in the morning sometimes. Yes, rain is amazing, everything is hydrated and it’s moist and we can feel that cool breeze and also the smell of the rain is beautiful. But, have you ever had a problem with wet shoes during the rain? Well, same here. It is really annoying to start the day with good shoes and suddenly heavy rain starts to pour and you have to walk around with wet shoes until your day ends. Ever wonder what can we do to stop this habit? Here's a lifehack, applying wax to your shoes!

Is it clean? Is it okay? Well, here it is.

Firstly, prepare your shoes of course (don’t forget to clean them up first). Waterproofing shoes with dirt on them will cause the dirt to stick to the shoes and it will be harder to clean afterwards.


Second, get some colourless candle. Why colourless candle? So, it won’t stain your shoes.


Third, test the wax on your shoes. Try to rub the wax on an inconspicuous part of your shoes, like the back of it. That way you will know if the wax will stain or it will blend well with the shoes.

Fourth, rub the wax back and forth all over the outside of your shoes. Rub it hard, as if you are drawing something with a crayon to make sure that the water does not seep in. Rub thicker for parts that can get wet easily. If you see any discoloration because of the thickness of the wax, don’t worry, it'll be gone once you apply heat on it.

Fifth, get a hairdryer and set it to high. Let it warm up first before heating the shoes. Hold the nozzle close to the surface of the shoes so that the heat is better concentrated. And then wave the hairdryer over the shoe from front to back. After doing so, the wax will melt, and the shoes will absorb them, and it’ll dry out completely and will go back to its original colour (don’t forget to go over the shoes slowly).


Sixth, after the wax dried, test it out! Get a cup of water and pour it over the shoes and if it beads up and roll over the shoe, congrats! You got yourself a pair of waterproof shoes!

P.S: Waterproofed shoes can sometimes stiffen, especially on soft materials. So, after waterproofing your shoes, put the shoes on and walk around in them for a little while. It will get the shoes to relaxed and feel nice. After 3-4 wears, you won’t be able to tell the difference. And also, don’t forget to reapply if it wears off.
P.P.S: If you want to undo the waterproof, just wash it with hot water and soap/detergent. Rub it good.

Here we go, a lifehack for Bright Interns if you want to stay stylish anywhere you go, even in the rain! If you want to know more about our internship destination, please click here. We will be able to assist you in every step you take. Cheers!