Know More About Maldives Internship Program Hosted by Bright Internships

Maldives Internship Program

Know More About Maldives Internship Program Hosted by Bright Internships

Welcome to Maldives, one of the world’s most breathtaking destinations. The tropical nation is considered the smallest in Asia. Don’t get it wrong, you can do a lot of fun activities here. Maldives offers stunning beaches and boasts a collection of 26 attols and tons of beautiful marine ecosystems which attract touridt from around the globe. The good news is Bright Internships have Maldives internship program. Please take note that our Maldives internship program is only for hospitality, tourism, culinary, management, and marketing.

Maldives Internship Program

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It’s true that tourist come to Maldives for a holiday purpose, but who says you can’t enjoy the beautiful Maldives during your internship stay? Here are some recommended activities to do in the middle of your spare time. Prepare your sunscreen lotion and get ready to get some sunburn.


Maldives Intenrship Program: Diving

Image Source: Photo by Sebastian Pena Lambarri on Unsplash

Never miss a time to do some diving. Maldives is the water paradise, so make sure you jump in to the sea and meet the beautiful and big sea creatures like sharks, whale sharks, etc. Since Maldives have 26 attols, there are a lot of diving spots in Maldives such as Maaya Thila, Sun Island, Broken Rock, Five Rocks, Fish Head, Miyaru Kandu, Banana Reef, Alimatha Jetty, Kuredu Express, Kandoma Thila and many more. Please do some research from the diving spots before you dive in because some spots required diving level.


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Maldives Internship Program: Snorkelling

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If you’re afraid to go too deep in the ocean, snorkeling is the best choice. Snorkelling is the most fun activities almost for everyone. Why? Because everyone who can and can’t swim can do this. You can see the beautiful and colorful sea creatures right under your feet. Don’t worry you will only see smaller fish, but sometimes larger animals that live in the deep water (absolutely it’s not a shark). The best resorts for snorkelling in Maldives have an accessible house reef around at least part of the island, where deep water is not far offshore.



Maldives Internship Program: Surfing

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If you’re a challenge seeker, surfing is the most suitable water sport for you. In the norther attols (also known as the Malé Atolls) you can try to visit Lohi’s, Jailbreaks, Riptides, Chickens, Cokes, Guru’s, Ninjas/Piddlies, Honky, Natives/Foxys, Pasta Point, and Sultans. In the central attols you can try to visit Yin Yang, Tsunami’s, Mahibadhoo, Muli, Malik’s, Mikado, Ishdoo, and Finnimas. Last but not least, the southern attols. Here you can try to visit Beacons, Castaways, Tiger Stripes or Rockets, Shangri-La, and Voodoos or Blue Bowls. Wow, so many surfing spots, isn’t it? Surfers, are you ready to challenge the waves?


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Dolphin Spotting

Maldives Internship Program: Dolphin Spotting

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If you really want to diving but shark and whale shark make you scared, don’t worry, dolphin will never scare you. Doplhin spotting will be both relaxing and satisfying activity for everyone. This cute and friendly creatures will take up your attentions. To get closer, hop on a cruise and let the tour guide bring you to where the dolphins are most likely to be seen. The dolphins are free and happy to leaping and playing in the water, so are you.


Island Hopping

Maldives Internship Program: Island Hopping

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Tired of water and afraid to be a aquaman during your long stay in Maldives? Jump put of the water and have some island hopping. Take this advice, the Maldives follow strict a Muslim culture, so be sure to dress respectably with long skirts/shorts. You can try to visit Male Island, Mirihi Island, Biyadhoo Island, Maafushi Island, Baros Island, Fulidhoo Island, Kuredu Island, Vaadhoo Island, and many more.


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Our Maldives internship program gives you the possibility to expand your language skill, as well as to gain valuable work experience within an international environment while enjoying laid-back island life. So, what are you waiting for? Contact our professional team and we will take you to discover the beautiful Maldives.