tips to overcome sadness

Motivational Tips to Try When You Feeling Sad

When people are sad, they are mostly confused about what to do to overcome it. You don't need to worry, here are some motivational tips that you can try when feeling sad:

Ask your friends for help

The common way when you feel sad is go to your friend. The first motivational tips is ask for your friend’s help to listen your sadness. If you go to the right person, they can give advice and encourage you to be happy again.

Dont waste your time

The second motivational tips is you can be sad for a while, but remember! Tomorrow you shouldn’t be sad again by the same things because it waste your time. You shouldn't trapped in sadness continuously because it can affect your psychological and psychological condition.

Motivational tips when you feeling sad
Practice positive thinking

When you feel sad, you are actually "thinking" down and that thought is real because of your feelings. Try to start thinking again about your thoughts. Listen to what you say to yourself. Is that the negative thoughts that make you down and stuck?

Make reminder for yourself everyday

Encourage yourself by write positive things or your new goals: “Everything gonna be Okay”, “I will be success Amen”. Write in a sticky note and place it in visible place: the wall and the door.

Convince yourself

One way to change yourself is to believe in yourself. You can cheer yourself up by saying the same things every morning "I can, let's dot his!". Hard work, believe in God and confident will not disappoint you.

Do not forget to pray

if you feel stressed by yourself immediately pray to talk with God. This is effective and often can  calm your mind when feel angry and chaotic.

Motivational tips when you feeling sad
Do something that can refresh your mind

Why dont you try holiday? Going to beach, hangout with friends, to forget about your sadness, and make yourself busy so you will not think too much about your problem. The last motivational tips is learn new things so your mind will focus on that. You can try to play music to relax your mind