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Online Class with KampusUpdate

Online Class: Succesful Interview Tips and Fun Facts About Internships

On Wednesday, 20th of May 2020, our CEO Florensia Wiyono and KampusUpdate held an online class. The class was held via Google Meet and we all had so much fun. We discussed the tips and tricks to ace an interview, what we should say and how we should act in front of our interviewers. We also had an interactive session where we practiced together how to do an interview. In this Mock interview, the students tell about what their achievement. This can be an encouragement to other student to improve their skills,and must be a benchmark so we can be better.

The students also shared some experience on doing internships and doing an interview. For the experienced students, they most likely want to know if what they did was right, and how to be better at handling it, and the others are mostly eager to know what it’s like to do an interview and what they should do. Learning and practicing all together really makes it easier for students to get better understanding of a certain topic. Because nowadays, students who just graduated sometimes does not have the right skill to present themselves in front of others. And in this occassion, we are working together with KampusUpdate and students who participate, to change all of that.

Online ClassOnline ClassOnline ClassOnline Class

Your enthusiasm is very heartwarming and has been a huge support for us to do more online classes. It is such a privilege to share our knowledge with the students in need. Thank you for joining us in our online class with KampusUpdate. Thank you also, KampusUpdate for our successful collaboration, we hope to work with you again in the future!
For more information about our online classes and Bright Internships program, please don’t hesitate to contact us.