personal branding

Personal Branding

How to Build a Personal Branding

Personal Branding is important especially for the first impression. There are few things you need to know to build a good image. In reality, you have to give a good impression by doing these things:

Dress properly.

Perform as best you can, because, at the first meeting, your appearance will affect how people think about your personality.

Give a positive impression/ message.

Start well, don't act carelessly or act disrespectfully that could affect your relationship in the future. You should pay attention to your behavour by practice to do sit properly, watch your back, speak politely, pay attention to your gesture, and micro expression.

  personal branding


Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are required to be at home causing rarely to be questioned face-to-face. You can still build a good image online, which is by doing

Share useful content with followers / mutual social media.

You can specify what topics you want to discuss, then share the knowledge. Sharing with others is a good thing, you can also get a benefit from it. They'll share posts you've created
If you know someone needs help/donation on social media, you can find out about the truth first, and then when it has been clarified you can help by share it. From here, you can train yourself to be an influencer.

Don't say any bad words

The internet and social media are public things, when it's been posted it will be seen by everyone. Don't let you let go of saying rude words on social media or it will ruin your image with just one screenshot.

Secure your social media accounts.

You have to provide strong protection on your social media account, use a long enough password with numbers, verified on your email account, use 2 security factors. Many hackers today can abuse your account, i.e. they will hack and then use it to spread bad things, such as hoaxes, inappropriate images, and others.

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