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Personal Branding Webinar

Build Your Personal Branding through LinkedIn!

Bright Internships held a webinar about personal branding with the theme LinkedIn Turbocharge on April 28th, 2021.

Personal branding known as our image, how other people see us. Our image can be seen through social media and many professionals use LinkedIn to build and show their image.

Thanks to Ms. Yemima as the moderator in this webinar, and also thanks to Ms. Florensia (CEO of Bright Internships) as the speaker in this webinar. Before the presentation about personal branding and LinkedIn, Ms. Florensia greeted the participants and asked some questions about this webinar.

First session was Ms. Florensia gave the presentation about LinkedIn. Why LinkedIn is important to professional, how to manage LinkedIn profile, and how to write message to someone. Lots of information from Ms. Florensia in this session. All the participants will have more knowledge about LinkedIn and they know how to manage their LinkedIn profile. In LinkedIn, we don't have to use formal profile picture. It's okay if we use photo with formal uniform without red or blue background.

Second session was workshop. In this session, Ms. Florensia displayed some LinkedIn profiles from the participants. All the participants actively followed this session, some of them gave suggestions for LinkedIn profile which is already displayed on the screen.

Third session was question and answer session. In this session, many participants asked about their personal problem with LinkedIn. If their job and their passion don't match what should they do, how to manage their profile in LinkedIn. Thanks to Ms. Florensia, she answered those questions clearly so that all the participants can understand.

personal branding

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