Public Speaking Webinar

Public Speaking Webinar Bright Internships and Bravespeak Comm

Public speaking webinar was held by Bright Internships and Bravespeak Comm with the topic "How Public Speaking Can Help You Nail an Interview" on October 22nd, 2020 through a zoom meeting. The speaker of this webinar is Ms. Florensia (CEO of Bright Internships). Thanks to the moderator from bravespeak comm's team, Maudy Amalia, that helped Bright Internships in this webinar.

In this webinar, Ms. Florensia explained the basic theory about public speaking, tips, and tricks to overcome nervousness in the interview by do the 3R (Research, Rehearse, Recall), and what is the connection between public speaking and interview. These tips are really useful for fresh graduates so after finishing college, brighterns can compete with the rest of the world.

This public speaking webinar was attended by hundreds of participants who actively asked questions, which is: how is the correct way to follow up HRDs, should we answer questions 100% honest or shouldn't, what is the biggest mistake when doing the interview? what should we answer if we asked about the previous experience but we don't have any experience yet? All of this questions have been answered by Mrs. Florensia and brighterns can see the QnA career webinar on Bright Internships' Instagram

public speaking webinar

Thanks to all the participants who helped this webinar to be as great as ever. We all had fun in our 1.5 hours together on this public speaking webinar. We hope to see you again in another webinar. Also, thanks to all the media partners that collaborate with us to spread this impressive webinar. We hope to see you again in another webinar.

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