reduce forgetfullness

Reduce Forgetfullness Tips

Have you ever felt forgotten to do anything or forget what to talk about? Of course, this is very inconvenient because it delays your activities to recall. You can reduce forgetfullness in the following ways:

Avoid multitasking

If you often do many things together, avoid this to reduce forgetfullness. Doing concurrent work can make your focus split and force your brain to work too hard, lowering brain performance and memory. Get your work done one by one, don't at once. To make your mind load lighter.


No need for heavy exercise, light exercise can facilitate the circulation of blood in the body for supply to the brain. It supports the strengthening of human brain recall.

reduce forgetfullness

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Play Music

Music plays an important role in the brain, as well as relaxation can also be used for psychological therapy. you can reduce forgetfullness by learning to play musical instruments is one way to train brain recall

Write a Note

If you've forgotten what you did yesterday, why not start with writing a diary? so you can read it again in the future. Write down important things that happen every day.Besides diary, you can also record whatever you feel is important like shopping records so that when shopping doesn't forget you want to buy anything.

reduce forgetfullness

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Enough sleep

In addition to fulfilling body nutrition, you also need to sleep sufficiently to maintain the health of the body. If the body is healthy, the brain will be awake.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Alcohol is not good for the body, especially when consumed excessively. It can attack your brain parts and lose brain recall. Reduce your alcohol consumption to reduce forgetfullness.

Play Games

Many games you can play to help you hone your memory, both online and offline. You can play puzzles for offline games. For online games, you can download them in Playstore to help train the brain. Also, you can also do tricks to play with your left hand and right hand to balance your left brain and right brain.